Ariana Grande’s Weight Loss Reddit 2023: Fans Concerned on Her Instagram Photos!

Ariana Grande’s weight loss has sparked discussion on Reddit. Fans have commented on her transformation photos and wondered how much thinner she seems now than before. She has addressed her weight loss on Tiktok videos and said that everyone should be gentler and less comfortable commenting on people’s bodies. She also said that her before and after images were compared to her unhealthiest version because she was on a lot of antidepressants.

Ariana Grande is undeniably one of the most gorgeous people with a lovely voice. She recently discussed her weight loss. Reddit users have been discussing her weight loss, and she has addressed all the comments she has received. Let us discuss the singer‘s weight loss!

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Ariana Grande’s Weight Loss Discussion on Reddit Has Raised Concern Over Her Body on Her Instagram Pictures!

Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) has undergone a massive weight loss in 2023. Whenever she posts a picture of herself on her social media, Reddit users comment on her present figure and how fragile and sickly she appears in every photo she posts. This has sparked heated weight loss debates about her on numerous gossip sites on social media, particularly Reddit.

Ariana Grande has undergone weight loss recently.Ariana Grande has undergone weight loss recently.
Source: Instagram

Some fans are dropping negative comments on her photos, while others are concerned about her weight loss. When the singer shared a photo promoting her r.e.m. beauty brand on Instagram, scathing criticism poured in. One individual simply asked

Are you suffering from an ED [eating disorder]?

They remarked on how thin she was. They are concerned about her slim figure and the fact that she appears sick with it. They are curious as to what is wrong with her. To recap, Reddit opinions on Ariana Grande’s weight reduction have been increasingly aggressive, nastier, and invasive.

Ariana Grande is no stranger to speaking out against toxic fandom. In her years as a singer, she has had to defend herself against slut-shamers, allegations about her being difficult to deal with, and even charges that she exploited the death of her ex-partner Mac Miller for fame. She is now begging social media users to refrain from making comments about her physique, following widespread suspicion that she suffers from an eating disorder.

Ariana Grande made a video to talk about her weight loss in response to all the comments on Reddit expressing weight concerns about her body changes and all the mocking remarks made on Twitter, probably in the hopes that it would be the last time she talked about it and the entire social media as well. She stated that she wanted to address people’s concerns about her physique and discuss what it meant to someone who is scrutinized so closely.

Ariana Grande's weight loss before and after.Ariana Grande’s weight loss before and after.
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Ariana Grande gently reminded viewers in the three-minute video, which has since been viewed over 55 million times, that they “never know what someone is going through.” She also debunked the impression that she was younger in the old images to which some have been comparing her. She stated that her previous body, which people have been comparing to her present body, was the least healthy version of herself. She added that she was on a lot of antidepressants, drinking on them, eating poorly, and at the lowest moment in her life when she looked the way she thought she was ‘healthy.’ But that wasn’t healthy.

In a TikTok video, she said that she believes everyone should be gentler and less comfortable commenting on people’s bodies in general, she added that regardless of whether you believe you are saying something good or well-intentioned, you should not say it—healthy, unhealthy, large, tiny, this, that, sexy, not sexy. We should make an effort to avoid doing so as much as possible. Ariana Grande isn’t the only celebrity who has spoken out about negative body image comments. Many other celebs have been disappointed by their brutal conversations regarding weight loss.

Ariana Grande's weight loss has been discussed on Reddit.Ariana Grande’s weight loss has been discussed on Reddit.
Source: Instagram

Bella Hadid published Ariana’s TikTok video on her Instagram just hours after the singer shared it on TikTok. She then reiterated Grande’s words, urging people to refrain from offering unsolicited advice or opinions, judgment, or violence in favor of “just trying to offer a helping hand and be kind.” In her article in support of Grande, Bella stated,

There is always a reason for the way people look or feel, so try to be soft, especially when you don’t know someone or what they’ve been through.

Hadid concluded her statement by congratulating Grande on her bravery. These comments on how your body is acceptable or undesirable reinforce that you are not more valuable than your body… and that you must present yourself in a certain manner for the rest of the world to find you acceptable. It simply promotes the shallow, body-focused notion that we all know is hurtful and detrimental to every one of us since we are so much more than this vessel that carries us.