Chayce Beckham Girlfriend 2021 - American Idol Singer Explained 7 Years Long Relationship!

May 15, 2021 @ 23:17 GMT-0500

Chayce Beckham is the favorite to win this season of American Idol. With his country/reggae influenced voice and a presence about himself on the stage. From impressing the judges to winning over the fans, the heavy machine operator has everything in his favor to win season 19. It is all a stark contrast to where he was just a year ago. So, here we will be detailing his relationship with his girlfriend in 2021 and other facts about the talented singer.

The 24-year-old singer is an Apple Valley, California native and who was raised by his parents alongside his siblings. He had a simple life, living with a blue collar family and raised in a middle class neighborhood. Chayce has detailed the tough relationship he had with his father and also the love and care he has received from his mother through out his good and bad times.

After finishing his high school education, singer moved away from home and a drinking habit took hold of him soon after. He started performing with his band, playing reggae music in bars, and drinking for free in bars. This exasperated his dependency with alcohol and only hitting rock bottom was a way out for Chayce Beckham. In his downward spiral the singer had a strained relationship with his girlfriend, but everything happened for a reason.

Chayce Beckham Shared a 7 Year Long Relationship with His Girlfriend

chayce-beckham-girlfriend-2021Chayce Beckham dated his girlfriend for over 7 years, the single detailed in 2021. He mentioned his gf in the song 23.
Image Source: Chayce Beckham Instagram

Chayce Beckham had a noteworthy audition for American Idol and during his audition as well as throughout his time in season 19, the singer has explained he had a troubled time. While the singer was not willing to share much, saying it was the shame of his past deed that made him uncomfortable. But he also explained it was his mother who came to the rescue, helping him with alcohol dependency and heartbreak.

Relationships are tough under normal circumstances but being constantly intoxicated is going have a larger impact. Well, that was the case for Chayce Beckham and his girlfriend who dated for over 7 years, lived together, had fun together but alcohol is a different monster. It led him on a downward spiral with everything in his life going down the drain.

Chayce Beckham Girlfriend 2021 - Singer Details His Relationship in Solo Song 23

Chayce Beckham and his girlfriend started dating while they were still in high school. While Chayce was chasing a career in music, she was there supporting him and working on their relationship. The American Idol singer detailed driving for hours together, sharing a life with his girlfriend, but alcohol was the undoing of their 7 year long relationship.

While the name of his girlfriend is still a mystery, the singer explained how their relationship unraveled in his single 23. "Well, I had a girl who loved me the whole damn time / And I'd drink my whiskey and she'd drink wine / But soon, my bottle was too much to company / Yeah, we’d sit on the river and we’d fish all day / And we'd drive across the country, let the radio play / Seven damn years, I never thought she'd leave," he sang in the last verse.

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23 detailed his life and love affair with alcohol while also explaining his relationship with his girlfriend. They were together, from listening to radio on a long drive to drinking and having fun. But his whiskey got too overwhelming for her wine, his bottles were more and she was not keeping up. A fun little escape turned into a habit for Chayce and his girlfriend was not willing to share in that destructive phase.

"I was all, like, down and out. I had gotten in my car wreck, my DUI and whatnot. A lot of stuff had been going great for me, but that all kind of got taken away from me. And then losing my house and my girlfriend and my dog, getting in trouble with the law and having to have your mama come pick you up from jail and stuff, kind of puts you in a weird headspace," he explained his reason for moving back home.

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A depended habit was the demise of his 7 year long relationship with his girlfriend. That combined with losing his house, dog and getting a DUI charge was the rock bottom he needed to hit in order to make a comeback. Living with his mother and step father helped; he started working as a heavy machinery operator, and later his parents pushed Chayce to audition for American Idol.

Chayce Beckham is in the Top 4 of American Idol Season 19

Luke Bryan once complimented Chayce Beckham's voice as "the heart of America" and the singer has gone from strength to strength, positioning himself as the one to beat in American Idol season 19. With the judges in his corner and strong support from fans all over America, Chayce appears destined to win and singing an original song for his mom during the Mother's Day week won him some new fans as well.

In Week 4, the Chayce Beckham needed one more solo song, 23 was it, as he shared a piece of his life on stage. Later he belted out Cold Weather by Zac Brown Band with Casey Bishop coming in for support. The singer also did a FINNEAS song for Top 4 week. His Break My Heart Again was well received with Chayce receiving a lot of love and support on Instagram and Twitter.

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Firmly in Top 4, Chayce Beckham is one week away from the Grand Finale. The Apple Valley native is sure to perform well for upcoming week and there is strong sense and hope among fans that Chayce is going to be the winner of American Idol season 19.

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