Claudia Winkleman’s Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Body Fat?

Sep 22, 2023 @ 3:46 GMT-0500
Claudia Winkleman’s Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Body Fat?

Claudia Winkleman struggles with her weight loss after having her second baby. Although she looks completely fine as of 2023, she has faced many accusations due to her body weight. At first, she joined gyms for six weeks, which started giving her results. After that, she has been controlling her food and has completely cut off sugar, to lose body fat.

People seem to be updated about Strictly Come Dancing's 21st series. The show was launched on September 16 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Fans are all ready to choose their favorite dancer, while some seem to be excited to see the hosts. As in the previous season, Tess and Claudia Winkleman will be seen as co-hosts.

Claudia Anne Irena Winkleman is an English television presenter, radio personality, film critic, and journalist. Before the launch of the show, she posted a series of pictures on Instagram and captioned them: Strictly is back, and our celebrities are exceptional. In the image, the members of Strictly were all wearing party dresses, and many people got curious to know about Claudia's outfit.

Soon after the launch of the reality dancing show, people started getting curious about Claudia's life. Did she shed some pounds? In this article, we will be talking about her workout routine, personal life, and diet. To know more about Claudia's weight loss, read this article.

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Claudia Winkleman’s Has Inspired Many Fans With Her Weight Loss!

Claudia Winkleman (@claudiawinkle) has inspired many women with her weight loss after struggling with her pregnancy weight gain. She never thought of joining the gym and working out hard at the beginning, but after the pregnancy weight gain, she was forced to join the gym. Well, it looks like joining the gym was the best decision she ever made.

Recently, when Claudia posted a picture wearing a shimmery dress, promoting the new season of Strictly Come Dancing, people got curious to know about her weight loss and her dress. Well, it looks like the host has been trying to maintain her weight, and whatever she is doing to maintain seems to be working perfectly, after losing body fat.

Claudia Winkleman has undergone an impressive weight loss. celebsindepth.comClaudia Winkleman has undergone an impressive weight loss.
Source: Instagram

Claudia's weight loss has been the subject of many rumors for years, but she has been very open about her weight fluctuations since the beginning of her career. When she had her second baby, Matilda, she mentioned how hard it was to lose weight for her at that time.

Winkleman revealed that before giving birth to her second baby, she never thought she would be joining any gym.  However, her second pregnancy made her visit the gym for weight loss. She also mentioned that going to the gym was the best idea, as the workout she was suggested by her trainer started making a difference, but after six weeks of the gym, she stopped going to the gym.

Claudia Winkleman Cut off Sugar for Weight Loss!

After the pregnancy weight gain, Claudia Winkleman has been very serious about her weight loss. Although she has achieved her goal and is successful in losing some pounds, there are some foods she never eats. During an interview in 2019, when Claudia co-host Tess was asked about their fitness secrets, she mentioned that Claudia doesn’t do sugar and both of them have different ways to maintain their weight.

Tess said that she has never seen Claudia eat any kind of sweets, but she eats cake sometimes. Claudia also claims to have never consumed any caffeinated beverages. Everyone knows how much Claudia seems to be obsessed with psycle workouts, which are a type of spinning class. Knowing the fact of her obsession with psycle workouts Claudia was asked if she and her coworker Tess had undergone any physical training, she stated,

No. We went to see a nice man called Greg Whyte to work on our core strength — and, I’ll be honest, I went blank. I’m useless.

Which Diet Does Claudia Winkleman Follow?

Besides cutting sugar, Claudia Winkleman has focused on many foods to maintain her weight. As everyone knows, weight loss is not easy. We will let you know every food she consumes to maintain her weight. So if you want a fit body like Claudia's, we will let you know some of the information that might help you.

Claudia's breakfast usually consists of Diet 7UP, eggs, and bacon. As for her lunch, she loves to have Caesar salad and a toasted cheese sandwich, and for dinner, she loves to have a home-cooked meal. Although she eats light and healthy most of the time, sometimes she does have her cheat meal where she eats brandy butter on toast, as she mentioned;

I like to eat brandy butter on toast every morning – can't recommend it enough – and will then have a pre-lunch snack of 20 After Eights followed by a handful of Quality Street.

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