Did Jeremy and Sarah Ann Share a Bed?

Feb 23, 2024 @ 3:13 GMT-0500
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celebsindepth.com - It might be true that Jeremy and Sarah Ann shared a bed as they were hanging out together till 5 a.m. Many people are convinced that he betrayed his to-be-wife, Laura.

In Netflix's 'Love is Blind', which debuted on February 14th, a fresh group of singles from North Carolina, US, attempt to connect with one another and determine whether or not love is truly blind. When it comes to proving that fairytale relationships really exist, Netflix's series has done wonders for depressed romantics everywhere. This is one thing that no one can dispute. Since the original is mostly a reality dating social experiment, there are undoubtedly some absolutely awful relationships as well, but overall, the positives do outweigh the negatives.

While love triangles are nothing new on Love Is Blind, season six of the Netflix dating show elevates the phrase it's complicated with Laura, Jeremy, and Sarah Ann. And now there are several claims that he betrayed Laura by sleeping with Sarah.

Many People Believe Jeremy and Sarah Ann Shared a Bed That Night

The direct message from Sarah to Jeremy and the fact that they were together till 5 a.m. hint that he slept with Sarah that night, betraying Laura.

In Love Is Blind, Jeremy establishes close bonds with both ladies, Sarah Ann and Laura, very quickly, but in the end, he chooses to ask Laura to marry him. Unfortunately, his bond with Sarah appears to overshadow his relationship with Laura; the two argue passionately in Episode Nine. And fans have noticed that the reason behind it was Sarah.

Jeremy and Sarah Ann were together till 5 a.m. celebsindepth.com Jeremy and Sarah Ann were together till 5 a.m.
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On the other hand, he and Sarah share a similar dynamic, and on a date in the pods, they discuss their intense s*xual tension. When Sarah tells the other women in Episode Four that she sees herself marrying him, Laura begins to become a bit agitated. Laura doesn't hesitate to express her intense feelings for him on their subsequent date.

Jeremy and Laura get into a furious fight over his leaving the house after 10 p.m. and his failure to return until 5 a.m. In a startling admission, he says he ran into Sarah at the bar, and they talked about some unsolved business from their time in the pods. She inquires about her fiancé's location, pointing out that bars close at two in the morning.

It makes sense that Laura is furious and accuses him of not doing more to put an end to Sarah's relationship permanently. Laura isn't content, even when Jeremy tries to reassure her by telling her that he disclosed his location to her. Subsequently, he discloses that he actually saw Sarah in person and spent the entire ninth episode—aptly named Secret Rendezvous—out till five in the morning with her. When he said, they hung back and talked about things. Laura asked;

You hung back and you were talking until 5 a.m.

It was difficult to believe, not only to Laura but also to Reddit users and fans, that they only talked till 5 a.m. So no doubt Jeremy slept with Sarah during the time they were together, the whole night until 5 a.m. However, it must be added that neither of them has confirmed these rumors.

Netizens Are Convinced About Jeremy and Sarah Ann Sharing a Bed

Jeremy's actions in Love Is Blind—being close with Sarah Ann, spending time till 5 a.m., and rumors about sharing a bed—clearly indicate that he betrayed Laura, and netizens are furious about it.

Neither Jeremy nor Laura have talked about the cheating sandal. celebsindepth.comNeither Jeremy nor Laura has addressed the cheating scandal.
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Since neither Sarah and Jeremy nor the show have given any detail at the moment about their relationship and didn't affirm or refute anything in this episode, and the season hasn't quite concluded, it's uncertain. While talking about the betraying thing, one Reddit user said:

He slept with Sarah Ann, cheating on Laura. With absolute certainty, I would stake all of my money on it. 

Both Sarah and Jeremy are getting a lot of hate on social media, especially Reddit and Instagram, for sharing a bed and betraying Laura. Even Ann has turned off the comment section, as she was unable to handle all this hate.

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