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Leading roles and spotlights are not something new in the life of young Ella Purnell, who turned 23 years old last September. The actress starred in the stage adaptation of Oliver Twist, where she was selected out of hundreds of kids who came to audition for the role. Ella was only 12 years old when she took the stage of Oliver! for over a year, and years of training has allowed the actress to carve herself a nice career.

Ella Purnell was born on 17 September 1996 to her parents in London, England. She is the only child of her parents, but she has three half-brothers from her father’s side. All four kids were raised together in London, where, from a young age, Ella showed a high aptitude for performance art. This led to her parents enrolling her in Sylvia Young Theatre School to go along with her high school and other acting and performance training institutions.


While in Sylvia Young Theatre, Ella Purnell got her first crack at a well sought after role in Oliver! and after some theatre work, the actress finally landed her first on-screen role playing the younger version of Keira Knightly in the movie Never Let Me Go. The film was released in 2010, and now almost a decade later, the actress is headlining a Julian Fellowes show, currently on ITV.

Ella Purnell Plays Lady Maria Grey in the ITV/Epix Series Belgravia

Belgravia starts out on the eve of battle between Great Britain and the French army led by Napoleon Bonaparte. The British soldiers ride to battle, but before the fighting began, there is a party going on in the city, the party where the soldiers and people of high class are meeting to show they are not deterred by the ongoing war.

The ball also becomes the scene for the root of a secret which ties in two families through the bond of marriage, and later, lies and deceit. Lord Edmund Bellasis, played by Jeremy Neumark Jones, son of the Earl and Countess of Brockenhurst, is in love with Sophia Trenchard, played by Emily Reid. Their love results in the birth of a son, but Edmund dies in battle and Sophia during childbirth, which results in the child being given away to protect the name of Sophia, by her parents.

Ella Purnell plays Lady Maria Grey in Belgravia, the love interest of Charles Pope, played by Jack Bardoe.Ella Purnell plays Lady Maria Grey in Belgravia, the love interest of Charles Pope, played by Jack Bardoe.
Source: Ella Purnell Instagram

Ella Purnell plays Lady Maria Grey in Belgravia, and her life is also affected by the lies and deceit that happened decades ago. She is set to be married off to John Bellasis, the nephew of the Earl and presumptive heir of the family, but she falls in love with a new man, Charles Pope, played by Jack Bardoe. Charles is the son of Edmund and Sophia and the rightful heir of the Earl, but no one knows the truth except for the Countess and the Trenchard‘s.

Lady Mary Grey’s dilemma and the secret behind the heir of the Bellasis name is the basis for the historical drama series by Julian Fellowes. Belgravia premiered on 15 March 2020 on ITV with the US premiere set for 12 April 2020, only on Epix.

Ella Purnell Played the Young Maleficent and Starred in the Biographical Drama Churchill


As mentioned above, the actress was only 12 years old when she first started acting, and by the time she was 15, Ella appeared in her first movie. Never Let Me Go was her first on-screen performance, and she followed it up with multiple roles in various films, including playing Dolce in Kick-Ass 2.

In 2014 Angelina Jolie starrer Maleficent was released, based on the villain of the Sleeping Beauty, the story was the modern retelling of the villainous character. Ella Purnell was hired to appear in the film to play the younger version of Maleficent, so she has played the younger version of Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightly. In the same year, the actress was praised for the award-worthy performance in the indie flick Wildlike.

Watch: The trailer for the critically acclaimed indie-movie Wildlike starring Ella Purnell

Ella Purnell also played the young version of Margot Robbie’s character Jane in the movie The Legend of Tarzan. She also starred in the adaptation of the beloved novel Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. She followed up the performance with the character of Helen Garrett in the biographical drama Churchill.

For the past two years, the actress played the character of Tess in the series Sweetbitter, but the show was canceled in 2019 after two seasons. After Belgravia, the actress will be seen in the Zack Snyder Netflix horror/sci-fi film Army of the Dead, which is currently in post-production.

Ella Purnell is in a Relationship with Her Boyfriend, Rob Raco

Ella Purnell is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Rob Raco.Ella Purnell is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Rob Raco.
Source: Ella Purnell Instagram

Ella Purnell is well followed on Instagram, and she is not shy about posting her personal life on the image-sharing platform. The social media platform is also a place where she plugs her new roles and movies, but the actress also keeps her fans up to date about her life through the site. On Instagram, there are numerous pictures of Ella with a handsome man Rob Raco and going through all the comments and captions; we can confirm the two are dating.

Ella Purnell and Rob Raco are currently in a relationship. Ella’s boyfriend Rob is a musician, actor, and model from Windsor, Canada. He makes custom drums with his father and also has close to a million followers on Instagram. Both of their Instagrams are filled with pictures of each other, and they do look like they love one another, which is nice for the lovebirds.

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