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Apr 3, 2020 @ 20:22 GMT-0500
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Jeremy Neumark Jones is an actor from the UK who started in his career in 2012 with short movies, before moving on to appear in films and TV shows. The actor’s filmography is a little light with only 14 credits to his name to date, but it seems the actor is moving in the right direction considering he was hired to play a pivotal role in Julian Fellowes's new historical drama series, Belgravia.

Jeremy was born and raised in Palmers Green, the United Kingdom by his parents. The actor went to school in the UK and was among the cadet cops all the time he was in school. Jeremy Neumark Jones held the position of corporal which is not a high ranking post but allowed him to meet high ranking officials and learn about the dedication required to be in the military, something he used in his performance in the series The Last Post where he played Captain Joe Martin.

Jeremy Neumark Jones is an American actor who plays Lord Edmund in Belgravia.Jeremy Neumark Jones is an American actor who plays Lord Edmund in Belgravia.
Source: Jeremy Neumark Jones Instagram

After a few years of odd episodes and supporting roles, Jeremy Neumark Jones is finally starting to come into a groove. Though the appearance in the new period drama Belgravia is not exactly a starring role, Jeremy Neumark Jones is definitely benefiting from playing a handsome Lord in the series.

Jeremy Neumark Jones Plays Lord Edmund Bellasis in the ITV/Epix Series Belgravia

Belgravia starts in 1815 two days before the Battle of Waterloo, and it concerns the aristocrats who attend a ball at the Duchess of Richmond’s mansion. The events of the night change the future of two families and what started in 1815 comes back over two decades later to cause problems for the people who kept the secret.

Jeremy Neumark Jones plays Lord Edmund Bellasis in the series; he is the son of the Earl and Countess Brockenhurst, played by Tom Wilkinson and Harriet Walter. The heir to the Earl’s massive fortune but Lord Edmund dies, and the Earl and Countess think they do not have an heir anymore, with their relatives benefiting after their deaths.

Jeremy Neumark Jones plays Lord Edmund who has a relationship with Sophia Trenchard in Belgravia.Jeremy Neumark Jones plays Lord Edmund who has a relationship with Sophia Trenchard in Belgravia.
Source: Jeremy Neumark Jones Instagram

But during the ball, Lord Edmund and Sophia Trenchard, played by Emily Reid, the daughter of James and Anne Trenchard, fall in love and their love results in the birth of their son. Edmund dies during the war and Sophia during the childbirth, so the Trenchards don’t know what to do with the child. The little boy who is named Charles Pope, played by Jack Bardoe, is given up by the Trenchards so they can save their name and prestige in the society, but secrets always come to the surface.

Belgravia first premiered in the UK on 15 March 2020, and the premiere date for the audiences in the United States is on 12 April 2020. The show additional stars Ella Purnell as Lady Maria Grey, Richard Goulding as Oliver Trenchard, and Alice Eve as his wife, Susan.

Jeremy Neumark Jones Started His Acting Career in 2012

As it is true for most of the actors who want to make it in the crowded world of wannabe actors and actresses, they need to have some experience in front of the camera. The best way to make sure you are not camera shy while performing is by making short movies, and for the first two years of Jeremy Neumark Jones’ career, he starred in short films, Jezebel released in 2012 and What Manner of Men released in 2014.

After getting his sizzle reel and convincing some casting directors, the actor got a role in the Jekyll & Hyde mini-series. He followed that up with two more series where he appeared in single episodes. Jeremy’s first movie role came as an extra in the film Denial, and then he received his first regular starring job in the mini-series Retribution.

During this time, the actor also appeared in a who-dun-it murder mystery movie One of Us and then Jeremy Neumark Jones utilized his military knowledge in the series The Last Post. Another short film was in line for the actor followed by a starring role in the Amazon Prime series The Feed.

Jeremy Neumark Jones is in a relationship with His Girlfriend Lara Macdonald

Jeremy Neumark Jone is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Lara Macdonald.Jeremy Neumark Jones is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Lara Macdonald.
Source: Jeremy Neumark Jones Instagram

Jeremy Neumark Jones and the question, if he is married or has a wife or a partner, are all over the internet. There are no signs to prove the actor is married, but it does appear the actor has a beautiful girlfriend. The actor shares pictures of a girl from time to time, and the lock screen on his phone also features the picture of the same lady.

It seems Jeremy Neumark Jones is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Lara Macdonald. Though he hasn’t confirmed the relationship between the two, the constant vacationing together and her picture on his mobile lock screen do hint the two are dating. You can check for yourself, just head on over to Jeremy Neumark Jones’ Instagram and Twitter feed and a clear picture will start to form.

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