Freaks You're One of Us 2 - Sequel Possibilities for the Netflix Superhero Movie

Sep 4, 2020 @ 2:30 GMT-0500
Freaks You're One of Us 2 - Sequel Possibilities for the Netflix Superhero Movie

Netflix released their new German movie, Freaks You're One of Us, on 2 September 2020. The film is making some moves on the streaming platform's charts, and audiences are responding to the grounded superhero flick. But it also throws some sequel seeds, so maybe we will be getting Freaks You're One of Us 2 in the near future.

But the end of the film leaves a lot to be desired. The last few shots of the film showed some interesting stuff along with a funny post-credit scene, which makes me think the writer of the film has some idea of where to lead the movie next.

It appears the movie would have been perfect as a six-episode type season like How to Sell Drugs Online Fast, but you have to make do with the 90-minute action film. The movie was written by Netflix series' Dark writer, and he left enough clues in the end for a possible Freaks You're One of Us sequel.

There is probably no doubt that there are going to be some SPOILERS here, so beware and if you have not seen the film, maybe watch it and come back later. You have been warned, SPOILERS AHEAD.

Freaks You're One of Us 2 - The Return of Elektro Man

Okay, we became a big fan of Tim Oliver Schultz yesterday. Seeing him play Elektro Man and the slow ascension as the main villain of the film was nice. We did not see it coming at first because the marketing put the doctor as the villain in the trailers.

Elektro Man and Wendy, played by Cornelia Groschel, were the reason we enjoyed the film, and we want more of Elektro Man in Freaks You're One of Us 2. If the sequel were to come on Netflix, then we need the good guy turned villain to be back, causing mayhem in Wendy's life.

In the movie's finishing shots, we saw Wendy and Elektro Man go at each other in Wendy's home. He wanted her all to himself, which is why he was there to kill her family. The "shackles" as Elektro mentioned Wendy's family were in danger, and they had their fight.

Wendy threw Elektro Man into the pool, and he electrocuted himself (don't know how that works). Elektro's last shot was of him being carried away by the psychiatrist, and his face was clearly disfigured.

The handsome actor, Tim Oliver Schultz's character, had a nice scar running down his face. He would make a good villain in Freaks You're One of Us 2. We need Tim to come back to cause some trouble for Wendy and also creep her out.

Wendy's Team-up in Freaks You're One of Us 2

While Elektro Man was getting carted off, Wendy left her home to find all the special people who were locked in the mental asylum. There is something about that mystery girl who locked eyes with Wendy before disappearing. But we will probably get answers to who she is in Freaks You're One of Us 2.

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We saw Wendy gather people with power, and there were three people beside her on a rooftop, getting ready for something. So, it appears if the sequel were to happen, Wendy is going to have a Batman-Justice League type of journey, assembling all for a big fight with whoever is the next big bad evil.

Wendy's Son will Definitely be a Big Player - Freaks You're One of Us Ending, and Post Credit Scene Explained

Freaks You're One of Us ending and post credit scene showed some interesting things.Freaks You're One of Us ending and post credit scene showed some interesting things.
Source: Tim Oliver Schultz Instagram

After her mishap with her husband, Wendy was caught by the mysterious organization. She agreed to help them suppress her power, and everything was moving fast when all of a sudden, the psychiatrist came to Wendy's house and talked about her son.

Then we see him about to take the blue pill before Elektro Man shows up. Things come to a head, and as mentioned above, the villain is defeated, and the movie is over, but is it? Well, as the credit rolled and most people moved on to the next show on their list, we jumped to the end.

In Freaks You're One of Us post-credit scene, we see Wendy's son alone in the streets listening to her mother's CD player when his bullies reappear. They thought since his mother was gone, they could start terrorizing them again. Long story short, they were wrong and paid the price.

Wendy's son inherited her superpowers; instead of super-strength, he has the power to make people levitate. If Elektro Man is coming back in Freaks You're One of Us 2; then you can be sure he is going after Wendy's son. Also, the evil psychiatrist will want to take control of the little boy, as she did with Wendy.

Well, it is going to be one hell of a fight for Wendy if Netflix decides to make Freaks You're One of Us 2 happen. We are excited about it, but cautiously, considering Netflix's track record.

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