Wendy Actress Cornelia Groschel from Netflix Movie Freaks: You’re One of Us – 5 Quick Facts

With piercing blue eyes, sweet smile, and striking hair, Cornelia Groschel has endeared herself into the German cinema and small screen viewers’ hearts. She was barely 11 years old when the actress got her first role in a TV series. Since then, Cornelia has appeared on stage and on the silver screen, now trying her hand, playing Wendy in Netflix movie Freaks: You’re One of Us.

Born in Germany, the actress primarily made her career on German TV shows, occasionally appearing in movies. She is relatively well known in Germany, and with Netflix movie Freaks: You’re One of Us, the hope is probably to let the Western world know who she is. So, here are five quick facts you need to know about Cornelia Groschel.

Cornelia Groschel Plays Wendy in the Netflix Movie Freaks: You’re One of Us

Netflix is ramping up its productions of foreign-language movies and Freaks: You’re One of Us is their recent German-language film. Recently they released the German show Biohackers, which was relatively well-received. But Freaks: You’re One of Us has some serious firepower behind it with Netflix series Dark writer Marc O. Seng writing the film’s script.

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Freaks: You’re One of Us is about a fry cook who learns she has superpowers after coming in contact with a homeless man. She learns there are others like her as she is trying to protect her family from her newfound power. She also comes together with others like her to help protect them from some nefarious characters looking to steal their power.

Cornelia Groschel leads Freaks: You're One of Us cast as Wendy.Cornelia Groschel leads Freaks: You’re One of Us cast as Wendy.
Source: Cornelia Groschel Instagram

Cornelia Groschel plays Wendy in the Netflix series Freaks: You’re One of Us. Wendy is a cook at a diner who is trying to make ends meet and raise a family. But things take a funny/dark turn when Wendy realizes she has powers and there are others like her. Soon people looking for powered human come knocking, wrecking Wendy‘s life.

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Netflix is releasing the movie on 2 September 2020. Freaks: You’re One of Us cast is lead by Cornelia Groschel as Wendy, Tim Oliver Schultz as Elektro Man, Wotan Wilke Möhring as a Homeless man, with Nina Kunzendorf, Frederic Linkemann, Finnlay Berger, Gisa Flake, Ralph Herforth, and Thelma Buabeng appearing in various roles as supporting cast in the film.

Cornelia Groschel is 32-Years-Old, Currently Living in Germany

Cornelia Groschel was born on 1 December 1987 in Dresden, Germany. She is the 32-years-old and currently residing in Germany. She was born to her parents as one of their four kids. Her family was involved in the entertainment industry, with her father being a voice teacher and mother working as a ballet tutor.

Coming from a family, which prided itself on artistic expression, it was no surprise when Cornelia started to show her artistic side. She started her career early with help and encouragement from her family, and now over two decades later, she is a respected actress working in the German film industry.

Cornelia Groschel Performed on Stage During Her Early 20s

After finishing her education, Cornelia Groschel attended Hochschule für Musik und Theater in 2008. She stayed at the school, located in Leipzig, for three years, and during her time there, she performed on stage. There are more than ten theatre credits to her name in between 2008 and 2015 to her name.

Cornelia Groschel’s Long and Fruitful Career

Cornelia Groschel started her career on screen playing a supporting role in a TV show in 1998. Most of the credits on her IMDb page show her extensive work on TV. According to her resume, the actress has appeared in four movies in total with her role as Wendy in Freaks: You’re One of Us being her fifth movie credit.

She Loves Horses – Her Instagram is Filled with Horse Posts

Cornelia Groschel is a horse lover, her most recent post was tagged horse lover.Cornelia Groschel is a horse lover, her most recent post was tagged horse lover.
Source: Cornelia Groschel Instagram

If you take a stroll through Cornelia Groschel’s Instagram post, you will find the actress riding her horse through some scenic places. The actress seems to love the long-nosed creature, and on the image-sharing post, you will find many pictures of the actress alongside or riding horses. Her most recent post on 26 August 2020 shows her with Storm, and she posted the picture with the hashtag horse love.

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