Freddy Carter Girlfriend – Kaz Brekker Actor is Dating His GF for Over 3 Years!

Freddy Carter is a British actor who is starring in the Netflix series Shadow and Bone as fan-favorite character Kaz Brekker. After finishing his drama education in 2015, Freddy went head first into the acting world and landed a job in the Netflix series Free Rein, coincidently around that time he also also met his girlfriend and they have been together till now in 2021 (more on that later).

The British actor was born on 27 January 1993, to his parents in Plymouth, England. He was youngest of three kids of his parents, Freddy’s oldest brother is also an actor. They all grew up in England while also spending some time in Cyprus and the United States. After finishing school, Freddy enrolled at Oxford School of Drama, later graduating in 2015.

After a few theatre work and appearance in low budget flicks, the actor was hired as one of the British soldiers in DC movie Wonder Woman in 2017. Same year he got the role in the beloved Netflix series Free Rein and soon he also started dating his girlfriend. So, before Kaz Brekker shoots him to international fame, here is everything you need to know about his relationship detail in 2021.

Freddy Carter Girlfriend – 3 Years and Still Going Strong

freddy-carter-girlfriend-2021Freddy Carter is dating his girlfriend Caroline Ford in 2021. They have been together for over three years. He plays Kaz Brekker in the Netflix series Shadow and Bone.
Image Source: Freddy Carter Instagram

Freddy Carter is 28-years-old and the low number of credits to his name shows the actor started pretty later when it comes to starting his career. Studying, training and finally getting a shot at acting can take some time for anyone who did not start out their life in show business as a kid or a teenager. Still, he managed to take his chances and good things have come off it, his girlfriend being one of them.

It easier getting into a relationship when you know you have a career and sustainable life in front of you. While no one can see the future, a stable job can help boost the mind and heart in director of love. That is most likely what happened for Freddy who is dating his former co-star from Free Rein, and it all happened after he was ready to start a new chapter in his life.

Freddy Carter and His Girlfriend Started Dating After Meeting on Free Rein Set

Freddy Carter has been dating his girlfriend Caroline Ford for over three years now. They were hired to appear in the Lime Pictures produced TV series called Free Rein about a girl who forms a bond with a wild horse. Freddy was hired to play Pin while Caroline played Sam in the Netflix show and during the filming process of the TV series is where the two actors meet for the first time.

Soon they realized they were having feelings for one another and from being co-stars to boyfriend and girlfriend did not take that long. They started dating in 2017 right when Free Rein was released on the streaming platform. Since then three years plus have come and gone but they are still together to this day.

Freddy Carter Girlfriend Timeline

While they started dating after meeting for the first time on set, the first appearance of Caroline in Freddy’s Instagram page was on 30 July 2017. The picture captioned “rooftop reunion” showed his girlfriend on the roof top as the duo took in the sun. Little over a month later, Caroline shared a picture from the same day but there was no tag or mention of her boyfriend.

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Caroline showed off Freddy for the first time on her Instagram page on the day of his birthday, 27 January 2018. She was still playing coy about their relationship with fans speculating if the former co-stars were together. Three days later Freddy posted the first picture of the couple together. Before only one person appears in the photos but the February 1st picture showed them together in a park.

Since then both of them have confirmed the relationship, calling each other the best people they have ever met. It has to be said, they are not a showy couple, only mentioning each other during either one’s birthday. But it does look like a beautiful and away from the limelight type of relationship for the two, which both of them seem to be fine with up until now in 2021.

Freddy Carter Plays Kaz Brekker in the Netflix Series Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone is a fantasy Netflix series based on the book of same name by Leigh Bardugo. Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer was tapped by Netflix for a eight episode first season series order and Shawn Levy is producing the show as per his 21 Laps deal with the streaming platform. Now the show is being lauded by critics as the heir apparent to the void left by Game of Thrones.

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According the synopsis released by Netflix, “Dark forces conspire against orphan mapmaker Alina Starkov when she unleashes an extraordinary power that could change the fate of her war-torn world.” Now Alina needs to train to become a Grisha and use her power to free her nation while freeing war-torn nation from further turmoil.

Freddy Carter plays Kaz Brekker in Shadow and Bone. Kaz is a cold hearted and ruthless leader of the Dregs who is down to do any job as long as there is money to be made. A cane wielding anti-hero type who is only kind to Inej, and has a mission to avenge his brother, Kaz is one of the favorite characters of the book series.

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Netflix is releasing Shadow and Bone on 23 April 2021. The cast of is led by Jessie Mei Li as Alina Starkov, Ben Barnes as General “The Darkling” Kirigan, Archie Renaux as Malyen “Mal” Oretsev, Freddy Carter as Kaz Brekker, Amita Suman as Inej Ghafa, and Kit Young as Jesper Fahey.

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