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In 2017, with the revival of the Stephen King classic, IT, the whole cast of the movie series made a huge splash, but it was Sophia Lillis who made the biggest impression of them all. At the age of 14-15 years old, the actress was headlining a major production based on beloved source material; it was not only an opportunity of a lifetime but also a massive way for the actress to announce her arrival in the world of show business.

Sophia Lillis was born on 13 February 2002 to her mother, Juliana Mellevold, and father David Lillis in Brooklyn, New York. Her high schooling was also done in the place, and while studying in New York, the actress also gradually realized she wanted to be an actress. The biggest help for the actress was her teacher and her step-father Christopher Mellevold. She soon enrolled in Less Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Manhattan, and so began her career.

At the start of her career, the actress started to appear in student films and short movies, but the big opportunity came knocking when the actress was hired to play Beverly Marsh in the theatrical adaptation of the horror novel IT by Stephen King. At the age of 15, the actress showed her age was not going to be a problem when carrying a movie.

Sophia Lillis Plays Sydney in the Netflix Series I Am Not Okay with This

After It: Chapter One was released, the talk of the town was Pennywise; obviously, the movie is about the human-eating monster, so there are no surprises in that regard. But along with Bill Skarsgard’s performance, the performance of Sophia Lillis was also praised. But the movie also played a hand in her being selected for the role of Sydney in the Netflix series I Am Not Okay with This.

Jonathan Entwistle said the reason he wanted Sophia to be the lead cast of his Netflix series was because of her appearance in the series Sharp Objects, playing the younger version of Amy Adams’ character. But he also watched IT and realized Sophia Lillis could carry a project on her own, and these projects combined the actress got the role of Sydney in the Netflix series I Am Not Okay with This.

Sophia Lillis plays Sydney in the Netflix series I Am Not Okay with This.Sophia Lillis plays Sydney in the Netflix series I Am Not Okay with This.
Source: Sophia Lillis Instagram

Sydney is a normal kid, someone who is having a hard time settling in school, family troubles and to makes things worst she realizes, she has some superpowers which she cannot control. Sydney lost her father and her mother is having trouble supporting the family, she also has a brother Liam, played by Aidan Wojtak-Hissong, who she needs to take care of.

The life of Sydney is thrown into shambles when she starts getting powers and also loses her best friend, Dina, played by Sofia Bryant. Dina gets in a relationship with high school jock Brad, played by Richard Ellis, and this throws a wrench in the relationship between Dina and Sydney. The struggle of Sydney to grow up in an unraveling house, losing friends and getting powers makes up for the first season of I Am Not Okay with This, which premiers on Netflix on 26 February 2020.

Survivor Beverly in IT to Quirky Nancy Drew – Career of Sophia Lillis

After some help from her family, the actress got her big break in the world of show business and really started to make a mark with the role of Beverly Marsh in the movie series IT. The actress was the standout performer of the first movie, and this also resulted in the actress getting a leg up in her career.

Beverly was a great character, but what really made a lasting impression among viewers is her role in the HBO limited series Sharp Objects, where she played Young Camille, a smaller version of Amy Adams’ character in the series. The show was highly acclaimed and also awarded for the amazing performance of the people involved in the series.

Watch: Sophia Lillis impressed with the role of Camille in the HBO series Sharp Objects

Sophia Lillis’ character was limited in the second installment of IT, with Jessica Chastain taking over as the adult version of her character in the second film. The actress also drew some acclaim for her role in the movie Uncle Frank; she played Beth Bledsoe in the film, and Amazon acquired the film for over $12 million at the Sundance Film Festival.

The actress also played the character of Gretel in the retelling of the children’s tale Hansel and Gretel. Gretel & Hansel was released on 31 January 2020, and the movie was moderately well received. But the 18-year-old is only getting started when it comes to her career; you can be sure Sophia Lillis will be a force to be reckoned with in the decades to come.

Sophia Lillis’ Relationship with Her Brother Jake Lillis

Sophia Lillis and Jake Lillis are fraternal twins, born minutes apart.Sophia Lillis and Jake Lillis are fraternal twins, born minutes apart.
Source: Sophia Lillis Instagram

There is a special bond between twins when you share a womb and come out into this world together; there is bound to be a tight-knit relationship. The same is the case for Sophia Lillis and her fraternal twin brother Jake Lillis. Jake was born about a minute or so earlier than Sophia, which is why he is the eldest of the two kids.

Jake and Sophia are inseparable, and when she needs a “date” for red carpet and events, Jake is more than happy to help. They also recently did a photoshoot together, and the actress also revealed most of her Instagram is managed by Jake. Sophia said she doesn’t do social media, and Jake helps her out by posting and sometimes interacting with fans.

Sophia loves her elder brother, and they share quite the bond, which is amazing to see. The actress said, “I think I make him laugh. Or at least he laughs at me a lot,” this shows the loving bond they share.

What is Sophia Lillis’ Net Worth?

Sophia Lillis earned $65,000 for her role in IT.Sophia Lillis earned $65,000 for her role in IT.
Source: Sophia Lillis Instagram

IT: Chapter One was an expensive movie with a high budget, and considering the actress was new to acting, she still would’ve been paid a lot of money to star in the two movies. The actress was paid $65,000 for her role as Beverly Marsh in the first movie. Amy Adams was paid $300,000 for her role of Camille in Sharp Objects, which means Sophia was also paid well for the younger version of the same role.

Though some said the actress’s salary ate into the production budget of the film, Sophia probably earned around $60,000 for her role. But the biggest payday of her career to date has to be with I Am Not Okay with This, considering the producers involved and the anticipation behind the show.

When everything is considered, Sophia Lillis probably enjoys a net worth of around $2 – $3 million. This is a significant amount of sum for an actress who is only 18 years old and is just starting to make major strides in the world of show business.

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