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A decent high school centric TV show or movie is not complete without the inclusion of a high school jock, who is also a massive jerk. When it comes to the Netflix show, I Am Not Okay with This, which is being described as “X-Men meets Lady Bird,” the same is the case, and the jerk/jock is being played by the amazing Richard Ellis in the Netflix series.

Richard Ellis was born and raised in the suburbs of New York in the 90s by his parents. The actor lived most of his early life there along with his brother, and the two Ellis kids also learned to play music together. After living in New York for about 13 years, the whole family moved to Connecticut, and Richard’s whole family still lives there while he moved to the city of angels to further his career.

There was never a clear cut sign Richard Ellis wanted to be an actor, he wasn’t involved in the school plays, and though he loved watching movies, something he learned from his mother, making a career in acting was not something he was motivated to do. But when it’s meant to be, no matter where you are, destiny finds a way, and Richard Ellis got into acting in the middle of his college days, and the rest is history.

Start of Richard Ellis’ Career – Wolf of Wall Street was the Inspiration Behind His Decision

Richard Ellis was inspired by the movie The Wolf of Wall Street to start acting.Richard Ellis was inspired by the movie The Wolf of Wall Street to start acting.
Source: Richard Ellis Instagram

Richard Ellis said in a recent interview, his mother is a huge movie buff, and he was raised on a lot of classics. This influenced him a lot, but it never really crossed his mind to pursue a career in acting. He played four different instruments, and while in school, he was involved in different bands, so if he was going to be under the limelight, then it was going to be through music.

Well, the band thing did not turn out as it was supposed to, and like most of the kids his age, Richard Ellis decided to get a degree from a college and then a job was the right move. Being from Connecticut, Richard enrolled in the University of Connecticut in 2013 with the hopes of being a physical therapist.

Richard was majoring in Kinesiology when in 2015, he had enough of the whole thing, and he decided to drop out. The movie The Wolf of Wall Street was the first time Richard Ellis really thought about acting as a career and something he would be happy doing. The seed sowed by the movie resulted in the actor calling his mother and dropping out from his course, instead next semester, after advice from his mother, Richard decided to take the course Intro to Acting, and he never looked back after that.

Making His Debut – Moving to Los Angeles and Starting in Show Business

The first thing Richard Ellis did after school was he move to Los Angeles. About three and a half years ago the actor packed his bags and moved to the city of angels like most young people in search of an opportunity and to fulfill their acting dreams. After some struggle, the actor got his agent and auditions were next in line for the actor who realistically started his career in 2019.

In 2019 the actor was hired to be in his first on-screen role in the revival series of Veronica Mars. The actor appeared in only one episode, and it was the taste, which got the ball rolling for the actor. This was followed by another role in the movie The Wretched, where he played the role of Gage.

2019 was definitely the year where he announced his arrival, and Should I Do It? was the show where he got a steady job, playing the character of Alex Peters. Killer Therapy was another movie where he got to flex his acting muscles, but all the experience was leading the actor the biggest role of his career in a highly anticipated Netflix series.

Richard Ellis Plays Brad in the Netflix Series I Am Not Okay with This

Richard Ellis went to audition for the Netflix series, and Jonathan Entwistle wanted a particular person to play the role of Brad in the show. The actor said his audition went great, and he got the role even though he was not the exact match for the person the producers were looking for. Still, the show was a great way to make his presence felt in the world of show business.

Just by the people involved in the show made it one of the highly anticipated shows in 2020. Also, there is a beloved source material from which the series is being adapted. I Am Not Okay with This is a comedy series with supernatural elements sprinkled through it. The show star Sophia Lillis in the leading role played Sydney, and her coming to terms with her new powers while also dealing with a grieving mother and changing friend circle makes up for the show’s premise.

Richard Ellis and his TV girlfriend Sofia Bryant during the shooting of I Am Not Okay with This.Richard Ellis and his TV girlfriend Sofia Bryant during the shooting of I Am Not Okay with This.
Source: Richard Ellis Instagram

Richard Ellis plays Brad, someone who drives a wrench between Sydney and her best friend Dina, played by Sofia Bryant. Dina and Brad start dating, and this means Sydney and Dina do not spend a whole lot of time together, and this also comes at a time when her whole life is in shambles, everywhere.

I Am Not Okay with This will be available worldwide on 26 February 2020 only on Netflix, and the show also stars Wyatt Oleff, playing Stanley Barber, Kathleen Rose Perkins, playing Maggie, Aidan Wojtak-Hissong, playing Liam, and Zachary S. Williams, playing Ricky Berry.

Richard Ellis Dating Status – Is the Actor Involved in a Relationship?

Richard Ellis is a handsome young man who seems to be living a single life at the moment.Richard Ellis is a handsome young man who seems to be living a single life at the moment.
Source: Richard Ellis Instagram

The actor is only getting started in his acting career, and when it comes to his social media presence, he is not overly active on social media platforms. The same is the case for his Instagram page where the singer/actor promotes his projects, shares smoldering hot pictures and sometimes videos of him singing. But when it comes to sharing pictures of a special someone with his adoring fans, the actor stays pretty silent.

When it comes to Richard Ellis' girlfriend, the actor is not sharing the information publicly. He’s not been seen with a partner on red carpets, and the serious lack of pictures probably means he is currently single, waiting for the perfect person to walk through the door. Richard Ellis is a handsome man, and there is no doubt we will be seeing the actor with an equally good looking partner, sooner, rather than later.

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