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I Am Not Okay with This has the potential to reach the heights conquered by unexpected shows like The End of the F***ing World and maybe even Stranger Things. And like the reason for the success of those two shows is attributed to a stellar cast, the same can be said about the cast of I Am Not Okay with This, which includes the extremely talented Sofia Bryant.

Sofia Bryant was born on 26 December 1999 to her parents in the United States. She only recently celebrated her 20th birthday, and the actress is only getting into her groove when it comes to starring in movies and TV shows. Sofia’s career started in 2015, and five years later, she is one of the four leading cast members of one of the highly anticipated Netflix series of 2020.

The actress is still young and someone who started her career at the age of 15, to rack up six credits in hit TV shows is a great thing. But it seems the actress is finally stepping up her game as she turned 20 and is now ready to take on this decade head-on, and by the time she is 30, the Sofia will probably be one of the most recognizable faces in show business, her talent makes us hopeful.

Sofia Bryant is Playing Dina in the Netflix Series I Am Not Okay with This

After the success of The End of the F***ing World, the work of Charles Forsman got a lot of attention, and the people who made the series and Stranger Things got together to adapt another one of the Charles Forsman’s work. I Am Not Okay with This is a graphic novel, which was adapted and filmed in Pittsburgh.

Sofia Bryant plays Dina in the series, and she is the friend of the lead character of the show, Sydney, played by Sophia Lillis. Dina and Sydney are best friends, but as the time passes on their school life, Dina finds a boyfriend, your typical jerk, jock boyfriend, Brad, played by Richard Ellis. There seems to be an attraction from Sydney’s side when it comes to Dina, but the new relationship is driving a wrench between Sydney and Dina’s relation.

Sofia Bryant and Sophia Lillis' characters are best friends in the Netflix series I Am Not Okay with This.Sofia Bryant and Sophia Lillis' characters are best friends in the Netflix series I Am Not Okay with This.
Source: Sofia Bryant Instagram

The show is about Sydney’s journey, from dealing with a broken home, after the death of her father. Her mother, Maggie, played by Kathleen Rose Perkins, is having trouble with her husband’s death and trying to take care of two kids, Sydney has a brother, Liam, played by Aidan Wojtek-Hissong.

With the family troubles, school problems, unrecognized love, and other troubles all come down on Sydney, and her life is turned upside down when she starts developing powers. Sofia Bryant’s character Dina will try her best to help Sydney to deal with the changes in her life. You can see it all unfold when I Am Not Okay with This will be made available on 26 February 2020 only on Netflix.

Sofia Bryant Appeared in The Good Wife, Blue Bloods and The Code – Her Career So Far

Sofia Bryant started her career about five years ago with a voice acting role.Sofia Bryant started her career about five years ago with a voice acting role.
Source: Sofia Bryant Instagram

The first recorded role of Sofia Bryant’s career, according to IMDb was in Birdboy: The Forgotten Children, where she voiced the character of Sandra. This was while the actress was still in high school, and her first on-screen role came in the subsequent year when Sofia was hired to appear in the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning series The Good Wife.

Sofia played Yesha Dargis in a single episode of the final season of the hit series. This was followed by another single episode appearance in the hit police drama series Blue Bloods. She was also a part of the TV movie Suspicion, where she played Ellie Goodman, and the last credit of the actress in 2019 was in the series military court procedural series The Code. But Sofia will definitely be known for her role in the series I Am Not Okay with This, for years to come.

What is Sofia Bryant’s Relationship Status? Is the Actress Gay?

Sofia Bryant and Celine Azena frequent each other's Intagram page, fueling relationship rumors.Sofia Bryant and Celine Azena frequent each other's Instagram page, fueling relationship rumors.
Source: Celine Azena Instagram

Sofia Bryant is a rising star, and her followers on Instagram are also pretty modest for an actress. She is also not overly active on the image sharing site, with only 61 posts made to date, but starting a few weeks back, there’s been a single person who is making multiple appearances on her Instagram page.

Celine Azena, a self-professed film junkie, frequents Sofia’s Instagram, and her own highlights and posts are riddled with photos of the two together. The two may be just friends, but their fans do think there is something going on between the two. Sofia Bryant may be in a relationship with Celine, but except for some pictures, there is no substantial proof confirming the relationship. Well, there are fans who speculate, but that is that when it comes to confirmation on their relationship.

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