Henderson Wade Girlfriend: Snowbound for Christmas Star Has 1 Daughter with Longtime GF Jessica Whatley!

Nov 13, 2021 @ 23:58 GMT-0500

Henderson Wade is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Jessica Whatley. They have been together for more than 6 years and raise a daughter, together. Get the Snowbound for Christmas star's personal details!

The life of a supporting actor is one of continued struggle and that is how Henderson Wade started out in his career in Hollywood. Getting bit part roles in TV shows and movies allowed him to put his foot in the door and since then with steady growth, the actor is leading his own Holiday themed movies for Lifetime and Netflix. So, with his hit film Snowbound for Christmas coming to Netflix this month, we wanted to take a look at the man himself and his personal life.

Henderson Wade was born on 26 March 1984, to his parents in Washington D.C. Raised in the capital of the US, Henderson was expressive kid growing up, something his parents were happy to nurture further. But D.C. isn't exactly a city friendly to any other profession other than politics. So, after finishing his education and realizing acting is something he wants to pursue as a career, Wade packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles.

Millions come to the city of angels every year hoping for a career on the silver screen and barely a handful ever make it to the promised land. Everyone goes through the struggle and so did Henderson as he worked while trying to land auditions. Small roles led to guest spots and that turned into starring roles, something that has prolonged his career to over 35 credits in the movie and TV industry. But before getting into his acting exploits, here is everything you need to know about the Snowbound for Christmas star's girlfriend.

Henderson Wade Shares a Daughter with His Longtime Girlfriend Jessica Whatley

henderson-wade-girlfriend-2021Henderson Wade is dating his girlfriend Jessica Whatley for over 6 years. They recently welcomed their first daughter who turned 1 years old in July 2021.
Image Source: Jessica Whatley Instagram

Love and romance is about finding a person to share a life with, someone who will share the happiness and sadness in equal measure. We are social creatures and it is hardwired in us, the need, the want to be with someone else, falling in love and starting a family. No matter the stage of life or the time love creeps in every time and those people are the lucky ones who find the person that was meant for them.

That is what happened for Henderson Wade who found the love of his life in girlfriend Jessica Whatley and ever since the first day they met, the couple has been together. From our research, it is clear that Henderson and his girlfriend have been together for more than 6 years. But more importantly, the couple also recently welcomed their first child together, a daughter.

Henderson Wade Girlfriend - Raising a Daughter Together with His Partner

While Henderson and Jessica Whatley have been dating for more than six years, the first picture of the couple appeared on Jessica's Instagram pages on 26 March 2018. We can confirm that they have been together for more than six years because Jessica shared photos of the two from different Halloween's dating from 2015 to 2017. Jessica shared the collage of photos of in Halloween 2019.

Not to be outdone Henderson also shares snaps of his girlfriend on his Instagram grade from time to time. Pictures from New Year's Eve, Halloween parties, evenings out for dinner together are in abundance when you scroll through Henderson Wader's Instagram page. While his Instagram page may be sparsely populated majority of pictures there are featuring his new daughter or his girlfriend.

Henderson Wade and his girlfriend welcomed their first child on 15 July 2020. Henderson shared pictures from inside the delivery ward after his daughter was born. People flock to the comment section to congratulate the couple as well as welcome Hendrix Lowell Wade to the world. It appears Henderson is happy being a girl dad as more and more recent pictures feature his new daughter and is possibly soon to be wife.

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After seven years being together and welcoming their first child as well as living together with the dog it appears the couple is comfortable being just in a relationship. Henderson Wade and his girlfriend Jessica Whatley are not engaged, they do not appear in a hurry to be married. With their family expanding, it may be a matter of time before the couple decides to tie the knot, but as of this writing, Henderson Wade and his girlfriend Jessica are just happy being together, raising their daughter and being a family.

Henderson Wade Plays Adrian in the Netflix Bound Snowbound for Christmas

Snowbound for Christmas is a Lifetime movie and it aired on TV more than 2 years ago. It is one of those romance movie you can watch in TV during the holiday period and after ending its TV run it appears the Christmas themed movie is coming to Netflix in November. As the streaming service prepares for the holiday season, stocking up on similarly themed movie is probably the right move.

Snowbound for Christmas follows Rachel, a marketing exec, who lands a large project with a big company. Hoping to make an impression she has prepared everything she needs to impress, but things do not go as plan for Rachel as snow forces her and her boss to stay at a resort, not able to do the presentation and stuck for the foreseeable future. While trapped in the resort Rachel and the CEO realize there is more to their relationship than simple employee and employer.

Henderson Wade Plays Adrian in the movie. Adrian is a CEO of a big company and together with Rachel, they are headed for a productive business relationship together. But things take a turn for the unexpected. And while some may have been able to see the film in TV, millions will have access to it when Netflix releases Snowbound for Christmas on 15 November 2021.

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The cast of the film is led by Zarrin Darnell-Martin as Rachel and Henderson Wade as Adrian with Scott Thompson as Jean-Luc, Josephine Buettner as Diane, Franco Lo Presti as Fred, and Diane Johnston as Marilyn, also appearing in supporting roles.

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