How Old Is Cleo in Outer Banks Season 3? How Old Is the Cleo Actress, Carlacia Grant, in Real Life?

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How Old Is Cleo in Outer Banks Season 3? How Old Is the Cleo Actress, Carlacia Grant, in Real Life?

Cleo, one of the characters in Netflix's Outer Banks, is reportedly 17 years old in the series, which means she could be the Pogues' oldest member. However, the Cleo actress (Carlacia Grant) is 32 years old in real life. Even if she is 15 years older than her on-screen character, Carlacia does a fantastic job of portraying a teenage girl.

Season 3 of Outer Banks reveals a lot more about Cleo (Carlacia Grant) as she joins the Pogues, and her age becomes even more important due to her relationship with Pope (Jonathan Daviss). Cleo transitioned from a minor antagonist to a full-fledged member of the Pogues after being introduced in season 2 of Netflix's youthful adventure series.

Season 3 of the series begins with Cleo fully accepted as a member of the group after they became stranded on an island known as Poguelandia after escaping from the Bahamas and a failed attempt to obtain the Cross of Santo Domingo.

Because of her friendship with the Pogues, Cleo is able to play a much larger role in Outer Banks season 3. The show does not dwell too much on her past, but it does portray the newest Pogue as one of the more mature members of the group. Cleo's history of having to fend for herself has resulted in her acting much older than her actual age.

Because the majority of Cleo's story in season 3 is centered on her and Pope's budding romance, her actual age in Outer Banks becomes an important factor for the show. So, if you are curious to know more about her background and wonder about her age, here's everything you need to know.

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Outer Banks: Cleo Is Confirmed to Be 17 Years Old, the Same Age as the Pogues: However, Cleo Actress Carlacia Grant Is 32 Years Old in Real Life!

Despite the fact that she has more life experience than the other Pogues, Cleo may appear to be older than the rest of the Pogues. She was orphaned at the age of 10 or 11 and grew up on the streets. In other words, Cleo was forced to mature at a young age in order to survive. However, she is the same age as the rest of the Pogues, 17 years old.

The fact that Cleo is 17 years old in Outer Banks confirms her maturity for her age. She has spent most of her life alone, with Season 3 mentioning that Cleo has been without friends or family for the past 14 years. This helps to explain why Cleo's age may come as a surprise, as she is wiser and more mature than the average adolescent. However, Carlacia Grant (@carlaciagrant), who plays Cleo in the series, is a lot older than her on-screen character. She is 32 years old in real life. It means that she is 15 years older than her character. However, she does a fantastic job of portraying a young woman.

Carlacia Grant joined the hit teen series Outer Banks in its second season, and her character, Cleo, quickly became a fan favorite. Then, when it was announced that she'd been promoted to a series regular role for the third season, and now everyone is looking forward to her return for the upcoming Outer Banks season 4.  Meanwhile, the stunning actress was born in New Haven, Connecticut on January 18, 1991. She later moved to Florida with her family.

Talking about Cleo, the character was introduced to the audience in the season 2 premiere. She is a member of Captain Terrance's (Terence Rosemore) crew and is on the bridge when Terrance learns that John is an alleged cop killer with a $50,000 reward for his capture. Despite the crew's best efforts to hand over the lovers to the authorities, they manage to flee. However, Terrance and his team will continue to search for Sarah and John. They abduct Sarah one evening when she is alone, and Cleo goes to tell John what has happened. Terrance eventually agrees to a deal after John tells him about the gold.

Cleo makes an appearance in the season 2 finale. She was forced to leave Nassau after what happened there, and she eventually found work on the ship transporting the Cross of Saint Domingo. She runs into Pope (Jonathan Daviss). She attacks him, believing him to be a random stowaway. When she learns that he is Sarah and John's friend, she reluctantly agrees to assist him but warns him that if he lies, he will suffer the consequences.

She later reunites with John and assists him and his friends in their efforts to rescue Sarah and reclaim the Cross. Although they successfully carry out the first part of the plan, they fail to carry out the second. The Camerons already owned the gold. They now have the Cross as well. Meanwhile, Cleo and the others have arrived on what appears to be a deserted Caribbean island.

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