Drew Starkey’s Buzzcut: Many Fans Believe the Rafe Cameron Actor Looks Even Better in Short Hair!

Drew Starkey, who plays the role of Rafe Cameron in Netflix’s Outer Banks, has recently gone viral with his new buzzcut hairstyle. The 29-year-old actor used to have a little long hair that suited him perfectly. However, the actor appears to be pleased and at ease with his new and short hair.

Netflix‘s Outer Banks, created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke, revolves around a group of teenagers searching for gold on and around the eponymous barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. The first two seasons were devoted to the hunt for the Royal Merchant gold and the Cross of Santo Domingo. Season three focuses on the legendary El Dorado.

Likewise, Rafe Cameron is one of the characters in the series who was born into wealth, unlike his father, who worked his way up. It is strongly implied that he has a troubled past and is now addicted to cocaine. Rafe’s relationship with his father is strained at best, but he desperately wants to make his father proud. Ward is mentally and physically broken by the end of Season 2, which alters the dynamic between him and Rafe.

The 29-year-old American actor Drew Starkey plays the role of  Rafe Cameron, Sarah‘s brother, and Ward’s son. The North Carolina native is best known for his roles in the Simonverse films Love Simon, and The Hate U Give as Garrett Laughlin. And recently, the actor’s new haircut has likely captured the attention of many of his fans. Moreover, people have been curious to learn more about his current popular buzzcut hairstyle. Let’s discuss it in detail.

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Drew Starkey’s Buzzcut: Fans Have Been Going Crazy for the Rafe Cameron Actor’s Short Hair!

You probably already know that Outer Banks Season 3 debuted on February 23 unless you’ve been completely offline. The original cast is back and better than ever, and fans are ecstatic. In particular, Rafe Cameron, played by Drew Starkey (@drewstarkey), and his recent buzzcut hair.

You wouldn’t believe how close summer is, and this year it seems to be approaching more quickly than usual. With tons of new music dropping left and right, and a new season of Outer Banks, it’s as if we’re skipping right past spring and into that summertime vibe. However, summer also announces the arrival of buzzcut season, as the 29-year-old American actor Drew Starkey has discovered.  And at the moment, the actor appears to be comfortable with his new short hairstyle.

Likewise, it’s the time of year when those of us who are dating people with perfectly coiffed hair clutch our pearls, hoping our partner doesn’t shave it off on the spur of the moment. However, there are rare occasions when a person can truly pull off a buzz cut — and this is the case for the Outer Banks fans in the room, specifically Rafe Cameron fans.

A buzzcut is more than just a tennis-ball pass through the clippers. The “buzz cut” is a category of hairstyles with numerous variations. Each type of buzz cut looks different on each type of hair and each shape of the head, so no two guys with the same buzz will look alike.  Consider some of the most classic buzz-cut styles before going to the barber for dome mowing—some are straightforward, while others are more creative.

However, Drew Starkey didn’t look the same forever; he used to have a little long hair that was perfectly suited to him. Undoubtedly, his personality and hairstyle won the hearts of many of his fans. But that doesn’t mean the actor is currently ugly or that his recent hairstyle is bad for him. He is still appreciated by many viewers and now he also has a greater proportion of female followers compared to before when his hair was long.

Is Drew Starkey Dating Odessa A’Zion?

If you follow Drew Starkey on Instagram, you may have noticed a few posts or Instagram stories with his Hellraiser co-star Odessa A’zion. The two seem closer than friends, prompting fans to theorize that the two may be a couple. Unfortunately, these theories are false because they are simply very good friends.

According to J-14, Starkey may have inadvertently hinted at his and A’zion’s relationship by describing their respective characters’ relationships in the 2022 film. While it would be nice to think that Starkey was referring to him and A’zion, we don’t have any official confirmation that he is dating his friend. Only time will tell whether their relationship develops into romance.

Meanwhile, Drew Starkey hasn’t been romantically linked with anyone other than Claire Van der Linden, despite the rumors swirling around him and Odessa A’zion.  And currently, Drew Starkey is single because he isn’t reported to have a romantic partner and isn’t confirmed to be dating Odessa A’Zion. Maybe after season 3, we’ll see him pick up someone (in the show and real life). But for the time being, you can imagine yourself dating this handsome actor!

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