Madelyn Cline’s Weight Gain: The Outer Banks Star Remains Committed to the Healthy Diet and Work Out Routine!

Madelyn Cline’s weight gain is currently making headlines as she previously had an eating disorder and the habit of over-exercising. After overcoming that trauma, the Outer Banks star is now assisting others in overcoming insecurities that cause mental trauma. Additionally, the actress is now in a great physique & health and now prioritizes a healthy diet and a strict workout routine.

Netflix‘s Outer Banks follows a group of teenagers as they search for legendary treasures. The series explores a variety of themes, including wealth disparity, treasure hunting, friendship, obsession, and greed, but none is more important than the star-crossed romance between John B, a Pogue or a resident of the Cut, and Sarah, a Kook or a resident of Figure Eight. The Pogues are from the working class, whereas the Kooks are wealthy and powerful.

The series which premiered on April 15, 2020, received positive reviews from critics, who praised its superb cinematography and suspenseful storytelling. The social commentary examining the economic and societal divides in banks was also well-received. And the second season of the show ends with shocking revelations that add to the mystery surrounding John’s disappearance.

Madelyn Cline has become a household name in the industry since her brilliant performance as Sarah Cameron in the Netflix series. Her incredible talent captured the attention of both fans and critics. Even before starring in the Netflix series, Madelyn had quite a few roles in movies and TV shows to her credit, including Chloe in the 2018 movie Boy Erased and even an appearance in Stranger Things as Tina.

We were used to seeing Madelyn Cline in a different, thinner body. Many people in the series have claimed that she has now gained weight significantly. Well, here is everything you need to know about Madelyn’s weight gain journey.

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Madelyn Cline’s Weight Gain: The Outer Banks Star Previously Battled an Eating Disorder and Over-Exercising, However, She Has Overcome This Trauma and Now Follows the Strict Diet and Workout Routine!

Recently, fans were curious about Madelyn Cline‘s (@madelyncline) weight gain after hearing about her current body transformation. Looking at her before photos, she appears to have undergone a significant lifestyle change. While this piqued her followers’ interest in how she changed her physique, it also made them wonder about her weight gain. They were curious as to how she had gained all of that weight in the first place.

Acting is a difficult profession to pursue, and Cline admits to Glamour that she struggled at first to find success. Cline, on the other hand, claims that no matter how difficult things became for her, she made the decision to persevere and not give up. She began gaining weight when she was a teenager. She did have eating issues when she was younger, particularly as a teen.

Madelyn Cline’s weight gain journey was difficult and time-consuming because she suffered from an eating disorder. That’s why the actress used to cut every calorie she could and exercised excessively because she was overly concerned with her body image. She stated,

I started cutting calories. I would eat like six almonds for breakfast because I didn’t want to counteract the cardio that I just did.

Today, the actress has emerged from that trauma and is assisting others in overcoming similar insecurities that lead to mental trauma and advocates for mental health issues. She has been open and honest about her anxiety and depression struggles, as well as her body shaming, and she has used her platform to raise awareness about these issues. Meanwhile, Madelyn Cline’s health is fine; the actress is now in great shape, but she previously struggled with overexercising along with an eating disorder.

Cline told Women’s Health Magazine about how her body dysmorphia and eating disorder affected her adolescence and also discusses her dedication to fitness and healthy eating habits based on her experience. Now, the actress is known for being health-conscious and sticking to a healthy diet and workout routine.

Every Madelyn Cline fan admires her for two reasons: her acting ability and her stunning physique. Madelyn Cline has been open about her previous struggles with transforming her body through extreme dieting and exercise. She admitted that she used to put a lot of pressure on herself to look a certain way and that she would frequently overdo it with workouts and calorie-cutting. However, the Outer Banks actress now emphasizes finding a sustainable and enjoyable workout routine over pushing oneself to the limit.

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