Is Outlast Scripted? Reddit Users Wonder if the Netflix Show Is Real!

No, Outlast on Netflix is not scripted. We believe the show is real even though the contestants spend so much time in such challenging circumstances. On the other hand, many Reddits believe the show is scripted. Follow to know why.

Netflix‘s Outlast is one of the most brutal survival shows available, demonstrating to the general public just how dangerous natural elements can be to the unprepared. The challenges become more difficult as various survival experts try to work together to outlast the others. However, only one winning team will receive the $1 million prize.

It is understandable that fans are eager to see their favorite competitors win the competition given the high stakes involved. However, some viewers can’t help but wonder if the show is truly as real as it seems or if the events that are taking place are staged. Fortunately, we are here to investigate and share our knowledge on the subject!

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No, Outlast on Netflix Does Not Appear to Be Scripted: However, Some Reddit Users Don’t Believe the Show Is Real!

No, we don’t think Netflix’s Outlast is scripted. Even though it may be difficult for some people to accept that the cast of the show is able to spend so much time in such challenging circumstances, many survival experts will agree that the task is doable with the right amount of planning and resourcefulness. In fact, the show is designed to put these points to the test as the contestants forage for food and compete for the limited resources available.

People who watch the show will probably be strongly reminded of the Hunger Games concept. The cast members, like the characters in the hit dystopian series, try to form alliances while sabotaging others. After all, no one can forget Justin Court (@jcourt003_) raiding the Delta Camp base in season 1, which resulted in several eliminations and a shift in the dynamics between several groups. However, unlike the previously mentioned fictional show, the winners must be part of a team to win, as lone wolves must either adapt or leave the challenge.

We can see the cameras that allow us to see how events play out to a certain extent. Several scenes set at night show the contestants holding the camera to document important events. It’s possible that the people behind the camera only record events during the day when the majority of the action takes place. After all, given how cold it can get at night, few participants risk leaving their shelter. In another scene from Season 1, Dawn Nelson and Joel Hungate (@joelhungate) attempted to use the camera installed in their base to track down the person who had stolen from them.

To understand why things are happening as they are in the competition, it is crucial to keep these points in mind while watching the show. Creating a series in such harsh conditions would be a high-risk endeavor given nature’s unpredictability. Due to the demanding nature of the show, two of the most prominent participants had to be medically evacuated in season one alone. This is yet another example of how difficult it is to predict how events will unfold, regardless of how determined a person may be to succeed.

The ultimate purpose of Outlast is to highlight the harshness and magnificence of nature as well as the resiliency of people. The contestants use their survival skills and strategic thinking to devise the best survival strategies. Often, the tactics appear deceptive, but the only thing on the participants’ minds is outlasting others and winning. Given these circumstances, it is nearly impossible to predict how events will unfold, which is why we think the Netflix series is real.

Meanwhile, some Reddit users do believe the show is scripted. One user wrote,

Definitely scripted. When they are looking for the guy who stole the sleeping bags there’s a whole camera crew with him and they walk right past. Bummer. Could have been as good as Alone

Similarly, another wrote,

I wanted to believe it was real….but christ is it fake. The sleeping bag film crew incident, the kicking out of the justin guy over fake reality TV drama bs. The finale doesn’t even have them “outlast” they all run for a prize. Over the top fake. What a bummer, had hoped for an alternative to alone.

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