Alpha Team on Outlast: The Evil Team Consisted Jill Ashlock, Amber Asay & Angie Kenai; Reddit Update!

Alpha team on Netflix’s Outlast initially consisted of 3 women: Jill Ashlock, Amber Asay, and Angie Kenai. However, only Amber and Jill were competing against the winner of the show, Charlie Team, for the $1 million prize money as Angie was forced to leave the show because of medical reasons. Meanwhile, one Reddit user even said that the show was difficult to watch because three people [alpha team] demonstrated the true evil of our species.

Outlast, a survival reality show on Netflix features several survival experts competing for a $1 million prize. In the Alaskan wilderness, they must work together to survive against the odds of wild animals, starvation, and natural disasters. The show, in all its glory, depicts the power of human resilience in the face of adversity.

Anyone who has seen the Netflix survival show can attest to the excitement and drama that the survival show brings. There is never a dull moment in this reality series, whether it’s due to the harshness of the conditions the contestants have found themselves in or the cutthroat tactics they employ against one another.

However, the main distinction in this game is that the participants cannot compete as individuals. To win, they must be a part of a team, which means that if they lose all of their teammates or are kicked off their team, they must join another or leave the competition. Contestants must shoot a flare gun and be picked up by a helicopter to exit the game. People quickly start tapping out after realizing that nights in the freezing Alaskan climate are no laughing matter.

Charlie Team, comprised of Seth, Nick, and Paul, triumphs. That’s right, the boys defeated Alpha Team as the two teams competed for the $1 million prize money at the end. So, what really happened with the alpha team? Who are the members of the alpha team? Let’s find out.

Alpha Team on Outlast: Amber and Jill Were Defeated by the Charlie Team at the End of the Series!

Charlie Team and Alpha Team were the final two teams competing at the end of Outlast Season 1. In the end, only Amber and Jill remained on the Alpha team, while team Charlie was made up of Seth, Nick, and Paul. If you recall, Paul defected from Delta Team to Charlie, whereas Nick and Seth were always a part of Charlie. Angie, their other team member, became ill with a bowel obstruction and had to withdraw from the competition.

Several competitors leave within the first few days. Andrea becomes ill almost immediately and passes out, followed by Tim and Corey, who vanishes after their first brutal night in the cold. Lee follows, followed by Jordan, who collapses after experiencing severe hunger and returns home.

With Jordan gone, Paul abandons Delta Team for Charlie Team without even informing his team. It’s the traditional Irish farewell, as they say. Shortly after Paul switches teams, things take a nasty turn when Alpha Camp begins to play dirty by stealing Delta’s sleeping bags. Brian is disgusted by the cheating and decides to leave.

Brian is followed by the remaining Delta Team members, Dawn and Joel, who agree that the dirty tactics aren’t fun and that they don’t want to be a part of it. When he is left without a team, Javier tries to join team Charlie, but they turn him down. Javier must return home without a team. Angie then leaves after becoming ill.

However, Amber, Jill, and Justin were all members of team Alpha from the beginning. Their fourth teammate, retired marine Lee, left the competition early. But the tensions between Amber, Jill, and Justin grew toward the end, prompting him to abandon them for Charlie.

Charlie was been adamant about wanting to play a clean game from the beginning, so when Justin sabotaged Jill and Amber’s shelter on his way out, it was a major turn-off for him. They parted ways with Justin, who fired his flare and walked away from the competition.

Finally, the final challenge pits Amber/Jill against Seth/Nick/Paul as they race across an obstacle-filled path to the final drop-off, which holds the $1 million cash prize. The three men defeat Amber and Jill to secure the victory, which is ultimately won by the Charlie Team. In addition to the show ending, one Reddit user even said that the alpha team represented the evil sides of human nature writing,

“Outlast” survival show was hard to watch thanks to 3 people showing the true evil of our species. 

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