On March 13, 2023 By Jared Vasquez

Amber Asay From Netflix’s Outlast: The Arizona Native Is a Yoga Instructor at Alta Climbing; Reddit Users Seek Her Instagram Handle!

Amber Asay, one of the cast members of Netflix's Outlast, had many difficult experiences that have prepared her not only...
On March 13, 2023 By Derrik Scholz

Alpha Team on Outlast: The Evil Team Consisted Jill Ashlock, Amber Asay & Angie Kenai; Reddit Update!

Alpha team on Netflix's Outlast initially consisted of 3 women: Jill Ashlock, Amber Asay, and Angie Kenai. However, only Amber...
On March 13, 2023 By Voss Kurdis

Is Outlast Scripted? Reddit Users Wonder if the Netflix Show Is Real!

No, Outlast on Netflix is not scripted. We believe the show is real even though the contestants spend so much...
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