Amber Asay From Netflix’s Outlast: The Arizona Native Is a Yoga Instructor at Alta Climbing; Reddit Users Seek Her Instagram Handle!

Amber Asay, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Outlast, had many difficult experiences that have prepared her not only physically, but also mentally. The 34-year-old survivor turned her life around after battling addiction and being shot in the face by the guy she loved. As of now, she lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is a yoga instructor at Alta Climbing. As Reddit users inquired, here’s everything you need to know about her past with her Instagram handle (@24_evolution).

Outlast, a Netflix survival reality show places its contestants in a remote location in Alaska’s wilderness. In a contest with a $1 million prize pool, they must outlast one another. But, unlike previous survival shows, the lone wolf can only triumph as a group to determine who will live to the end. They must work together to build a civilization while employing survivor tactics.

The first season of the show features several interesting characters deserted on an Alaskan island, including Alpha Camp‘s Amber Asay. Since the show debuted, she has been one of the show’s most highlighted personalities. As a result, many people have been curious to learn more about her background and wonder about her journey in the show. Well, here is everything you need to know about her.

Amber Asay From Netflix’s Outlast: The Arizona Native Previously Battled Addiction and Was Even Shot in the Face by Her Ex-partner!

Having turned a fresh start in her life, Amber Asay (@24_evolution) from Netflix’s Outlast is a 34-year-old survivor. Asay is originally from Phoenix, Arizona. The contestant has had many difficult experiences that have prepared her not only physically, but also mentally. Amber’s life has now turned around after she battled addiction. In addition, she was in a toxic relationship and was shot in the face by an ex-partner.

Amber bravely turned her life around after battling addiction and being shot in the face by the guy she loved. She went on a three-day healing journey into the desert with a shaman. Amber hiked the Enchantments for 26 miles, one of North America’s most difficult excursions, and has since taken up long-distance trekking, also known as thru-hiking. She has also completely immersed herself in her journey of self-discovery through yoga, hiking, and the manifestations that keep her going. The reality star is very close to her 99-year-old grandmother, with whom she has a loving relationship.

The Outlast cast believes that her past trauma has given her the strength to face any challenge. She explained: “I feel as if my entire life experience has shaped me into a resilient, adaptable human being. What I have had to overcome in the past has shown me that with the right mindset, anything is possible.”

Amber Asay currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, and is living her best single dream of exploring nature and loving herself while surrounded by loved ones who support her on her journey. She returned to her job as a Yoga Instructor/Customer Experience Specialist Yoga at Alta Climbing after the show ended, where she has been since November 2021.

The reality television star also works as the Project Coordinator at LGE Design. She was hired in May 2022 and has been with the company ever since. She was the Operations Coordinator at American Cleaning Systems prior to joining LGE Design. She was, interestingly, the Circus Coach at the Circus School of Arizona.

Talking about her time on the show, Amber always tried to be resourceful and brave in order to help her team reach the top. After sabotaging other Delta team members, Jill and Amber were left alone after Justin asked Charlie Camp to take him in; when they refused, he quit the show. Charlie Camp eventually won, and Alpha Camp finished second.

As mentioned earlier, Amber has also explored the Enchantments in preparation for Outlast, one of North America’s most difficult treks. Amber gained experience by walking 26 miles in a day in the Cascade Mountain Range’s Alpine Lakes Wilderness. We’re not sure anything could have prepared her for the arctic temperatures of Alaska. As a seasoned thru-hiker, the long-distance walker is prepared for even the most difficult journeys to the finish line.

Additionally, Amber is joined by sixteen other survivalists in the Netflix show hoping to win the $1 million cash prize. Angie Esparza, Corey Johnson, Javier Colon, Jordan Williams, Andrea Hilderbrand, Justin Court, Nick Radner, Paul Preece, Seth Lueker, Joel Hungate, Dawn Nelson, Jill Ashock, Lee Ettinger, Brian Kahrs, and Timothy Spears are among the other contestants on the Netflix show.

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