Jaime Xie Boyfriend - Is Netflix's Bling Empire Newcomer Dating Someone?

Jan 15, 2021 @ 0:50 GMT-0500

Bling Empire on Netflix is bringing an all Asian cast of affluent and talented young people in the reality show. Jaime Xie, one of the cast members of the show, is destined for success and heightened fame. And with fame comes gossip, and boyfriend speculations, so, is the new star of Netflix's reality series dating someone?

Jaime Xie is the 23-year-old daughter of cybersecurity entrepreneur Ken Xie. While Jaime may be seen during fashion week and wearing amazing dresses, she grew up around computer nerds in Silicon Valley. A trained horse rider, social media celebrity, and coming from a rich family, it is no surprise she was tapped to appear in the new Netflix reality show.

Being in high school opened Jaime to the world of fashion. She soon became the center of attention with her looks and choices in fashion. Social media success followed soon after and now she is a reality TV star with Bling Empire on Netflix. So, before watching the show, learn if Jaime Xie has a boyfriend or if she is currently in a relationship.

Jaime Xie Boyfriend – Is the Bling Empire Star in a Relationship?

jaime-xie-boyfriend-2021Jaime Xie's boyfriend rumors are frequent, but is the Bling Empire cast member currently in a relationship?
Image Source: Jaime Xie Instagram

Jamie Xie was only 16-years-old when she first started posting on her Instagram page. Still, in her high school, she also wanted to see if people were interested in seeing her updates. So began her Instagram and soon after, her YouTube channel.

Through the past six years, Jaime has managed to amass a healthy following and a nice career for herself. She has also managed to garner little intrigue about herself. And all that is amounting to people wanting to know about her personal life and speculating if she has a boyfriend.

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While Jaime Xie is seen with many men during her trips to fashion shows, a thorough review of the internet and social media pages did not yield a result. Being only 23 years of age, there does not seem to be a hurry for Jaime when it comes to being seen with a boyfriend.

It is understandable why she does not have a boyfriend or a partner and is currently single. She is an accomplished person with family money and even more fame coming her way, there is no need for anyone slowing her down now.

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If you have ever heard Jaime speak, there would be no doubt in your mind as to why she does not have a boyfriend. She is a career-oriented young lady who has been enthralled by the world of fashion and soon a career in show business, with no time for frivolous things like boyfriends.

There is no evidence saying Jaime was previously in a relationship, despite being surrounded by beautiful men all over the world, she seems to be immune to their charm. Whoever manages to snare the beautiful reality star is going to be one lucky boyfriend.

Jaime Xie Appears in the Netflix Reality Series Bling Empire.

As we previously mentioned, Jaime started being active on social media and the world of fashion through the end of high school. Half a decade removed from that time and Jaime is set to steal the show in Netflix's newest reality series Bling Empire.

Bling Empire follows rich and luxurious Asians living it large in the city of angels. Most of the new faces on the small screen are coming to put reality behind the Warner Bros. movie Crazy Rich Asians and show off their wealth as well as living style while doing so.

Jaime Xie was hesitant about doing the show at first, she explained to Vogue. The idea of having cameras follow you everywhere is a scary prospect, something Jaime needed to convince herself about. But it was an experience she could not let go of and decided to do it anyway.

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She said, "It was unlike anything I’ve ever done before. It was a positive experience, but being filmed by a camera crew [in that way] is awkward. Having your conversations recorded and being surrounded by the crew, you don't know how to act, especially since I went into it without expectations."

You can catch the Rich Asians in their act only on Netflix this January 15th starring Kevin Kreider, Christine Chiu, Kane Lim, and Kelly Mi Li.

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