Kevin Kreider Girlfriend – Is the Bling Empire Lead Actor Dating a GF?

When Warner Bros. adapted the book Crazy Rich Asians into a successful movie the wealth in the East was viewed in a different light. Netflix is hoping to ride the same wave with their reality show Bling Empire. Kevin Kreider is one of the cast members of the show and people are clamoring to know the girlfriend of the handsome Asian hunk.

Kevin Kreider is a model from South Korea who was born in Seoul but raised in America by his adoptive parents. Kevin was three years old when he was adopted by a couple in Philadelphia. He lived in the US, later moving back to South Korea to start his modeling career.

After a successful stint in Korea as a model, Kevin returned to the States to pursue an acting career and further establish himself as a global model. And one of his greatest motivations was his desire to show Asian guys are not feeble and nerdy as shown in Hollywood productions. So, for those wanting to know if the handsome South Korean actor has a girlfriend, we have the answers.

Kevin Kreider Girlfriend – Does the Model/Actor Have a GF?

kevin-kreider-girlfriend-2021Kevin Kreider said he dated girls before, but he does not have a girlfriend currently.
Image Source: Kevin Kreider Instagram

Kevin Kreider was young when he was brought to the US. Coming to a new environment he always felt like he was a token Asian kid and that damaged his self-esteem a lot. And as he got older, the need to please others was replaced with a need to replace all the stereotypes about Koreans in the West.

One of the main reasons Kevin moved back from South Korea to Los Angeles was to fight the stereotypes. Asian actors never got the girl, they were the nerds of the class, losers of the group, that was the mentality he was trying to fight. He wanted to prove Asian boys can have beautiful girlfriends and boyfriends.

Most of the time the Bling Empire cast member is providing motivation to his thousands of followers to better themselves. When it comes to his own relationship status, Kevin does not reveal much, just saying that he has dated women but is currently single.

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In one of the posts, Kevin revealed he was not interested in dating Asian women. He was also not fond of dating apps because there was inherent discrimination of people by just looking at a profile and not even getting to know them. But on the former aspect, the actor has come around because Kevin has learned to love and respect his culture and heritage.

He wrote, “Consequently, I also didn’t seek Asian women, but because I’ve grown to love myself and my culture, my perspective has totally changed. Now I love dating Asians!” He also encouraged other Asians to give it a try if they like to date Asian women.

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Kevin explained, “Dating hasn’t been a problem for me lately and I’m not currently on any sites, but if apps are for you and you prefer Asian women as an Asian, give yourself a chance and join.” While the mentality of not dating your own race is becoming more and more common, Kevin is a user and supporter of both ideas.

While the actor seems to be single at the moment, we know he was in a relationship in 2014. There were pictures on his Instagram page and the actor even spoke about the girl being her girlfriend on Twitter. You can still see the tweet but the link to Instagram results in nothing because he deleted the picture after breaking up with his then-girlfriend.

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When it comes to his own dating history, the actor may have dated women before but he is currently single, without a girlfriend. In a Valentine’s Day post Kevin explained that he was single and wished couples a romantic day. We also could not find any past relationships of the actor, so, it appears he is currently single and happy being that way.

Kevin Kreider Stars in Netflix Reality Show Bling Empire

Bling Empire is the new Netflix reality series about four different Asians living in Los Angeles and enjoying their wealth in the city of angels. The show focuses on Asian wealth, giving an inside look at young millionaires who make money and are not afraid to spend it.

The success of Crazy Rich Asians probably spurred on Netflix to go ahead with this project. Asian wealth and settlers from Asia in America are treated a little differently, and this show is going to illustrate the lifestyle of some of the said rich Asians.

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Kevin Kreider is one of the four leading cast members of the show along with Christine Chiu, Kane Lim, and Kelly Mi Li. Their daily lives, love, money, work, and intimate details will be the central focal point of the show. And Bling Empire is releasing on Netflix on 15 January 2021.

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