Kelly Mi Li Boyfriend - Bling Empire Cast Member Dated Power Rangers Actor

Jan 10, 2021 @ 21:16 GMT-0500

Kelly Mi Li is a 35-year-old social media influencer who has been living in Los Angeles. She and other prominent Asians living in LA are the subjects of the reality series Bling Empire, showing off Asian wealth. The actress from China is also dating her boyfriend, the Red Ranger of Power Rangers Megaforce.

While not a Hollywood star, Kelly Mi Li has been a fixture in social media since 2012, garnering followers and showing off her lifestyle. Kelly has also started producing TV shows and movies in recent years, investing her money in some big projects coming in the next few years.

The social media influencer and producer is also appearing as herself in the Netflix reality show Bling Empire. Flaunting her wealth and lifestyle on the show will definitely result in people wanting to know about Kelly. So, here is everything you need to know about Kelly Mi Li's boyfriend and her current relationship status.

Kelly Mi Li Boyfriend - Dating a Power Ranger

kelly-mi-li-boyfriend-2021Kelly Mi Li is dating her boyfriend Andrew Gray for over five years. Andrew is an actor from California.
Image Source: Andrew Gray Instagram

The amount of money in display and the luxury of lives in Bling Empire is going to result in people wanting to know about the net worth of people appearing in the show. Also, they will also be interested in seeing if the blinged up rich Asians are currently in the dating arena, Kelly will generate such interest as well.

When we took a deep dive into the social media pages of Kelly Mi Li, we found her boyfriend. Andrew Gray, the Red Ranger from Power Rangers Megaforce, has multiple pictures with Kelly and the caption makes it clear they are in a relationship for a long time.

Andrew Gray is an actor from Sacramento, California who is known for action movie roles and B-movies. His call to fame is his 40+ episode run as Red Ranger in the sprawling Power Rangers franchise. We are not certain how Kelly and Andrew met for the first time but their relationship has lasted a long time.

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Kelly's Instagram is also filled with cute photos of the couple together. From vacation pics to hiking trips everything is well documented on both of their social pages. And they make no point in hiding their relationship. whether it is by sharing affectionate captions or cozied up pictures.

The first pictures of Kelly Mi Li and her boyfriend Andrew Gray were shared on 28 October 2015 by Andrew. The picture shows the duo sharing dinner and comfortable in each other's company. The picture also gives the impression that the couple has been together for a little while.

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While Andrew stopped posting about Kelly in late 2019 we can be certain they dated for more than five years. Kelly has also not posted about her boyfriend in a while now. It is not clear if Kelly and Andrew are still together but they both still have each other's pictures on their respective Instagram pages.

Until Kelly Mi Li clarifies her situation with her boyfriend Andrew Gray, we can only speculate if the couple is still together. The pictures on Instagram still being up is a tell-tale sign but unless Kelly confirms her relationship status, your guess is as good as ours.

Kelly Mi Li Appears in the Netflix Reality TV Show Bling Empire

Bling Empire is the latest addition to the diverse lineup of reality offerings on Netflix. From blind dates to beach romance shows, Netflix has been stepping up its reality TV game and Bling Empire provides a new group of fans a different perspective on reality drama.

Following a group of rich Asians living big in Los Angeles, the show focuses on Asian wealth and how people perceive wealthy Asians in America. It is also Netflix's Answer to the Crazy Rich franchise coming to Warner Media. With real-life heirs of Asian billionaires, Bling Empire puts real faces on the fictional world of Crazy Rich Asians.

Kelly Mi Li, along with Christine Chiu, Kane Lim, and Kevin Kreider are four main cast members whose lives are in focus in the first season of Bling Empire. Kelly had previously shared pictures with other cast members of the show and she appears to have a close relationship with Kevin.

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Kelly Mi Li is appearing alongside her boyfriend Andrew Grey in the new Netflix reality series. Andrew is listed as one of the cast members of the show. We are not certain about the extent of his involvement but it is safe to say Kelly and Andrew will be appearing together.

Bling Empire is set for 15 January 2021 release. With episodes close to 45 minutes in length, people excited by Crazy Rich Asians will find a lot of joy with this series to start off the year.

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