Katherine Heigl’s Natural (Hair) Eye Color: Experiment With Short Red Brown!

Katherine Heigl has natural blonde hair. Her eyes are dark brown. As an actress, Katherine doesn’t hesitate to experiment with her hair. She has grown to dislike long hair, platinum lobs, red hair, brown hair, and bright red hair throughout the years.

Without a doubt, Firefly Lane is a friendship story. The two-season Netflix series, which ended on April 27, did not necessarily leave viewers weak in the knees, but it did touch every single heart. Firefly Lane highlights female friendship rather than romantic love, and because of this, actors Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigl were immediately drawn to the program. The main protagonists are back together in Season 2, Part 2 after a bitter feud tore them apart in the previous season. As Kate fights cancer, she makes amends with her best friend Tully Hart (Heigl) early in the film’s conclusion.

Heigl and Chalke’s chemistry on screen is infectious, and Firefly Lane depicts the decades-long friendship between Kate and Tully. The actors claim that their on-screen affection and respect also manifested in real life; Heigl refers to their friendship as a “crazy blessing.”

Katherine Heigl is an American actress and former model. Her role as Tully Hart grabbed fans’ attention. Without a doubt, she is a beautiful actress, and now fans wonder about her hair color. So what is her natural hair color? Let us find out.

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Katherine Heigl Has Natural Blonde Hair and Dark Brown Eyes; As an Actress, She Experiments With Her Short Brown and Bright Red Hair!

As per Us Magazine, Katherine Heigl (@katherineheigl) has a natural blonde hair. Given that she has always had blonde hair in movies, TV shows, and her personal life, this isn’t very shocking. She has appeared to us with various hair colors. The eyes of Katherine are dark brown.

Katherine Heigl has natural blonde hair.Katherine Heigl has natural blonde hair.
Source: Instagram

Katherine Heigl styles her dark hair straight and accessorized with vintage pearls, sunglasses, and a striking red lip. She disclosed that the significant transformation was undertaken in preparation for her next part as Tully Hart in the Netflix drama series Firefly Lane. Although she darkened her hair specifically for the part, her brunette strands are ideal for the upcoming fall and winter. She revealed that she had a glass of champagne and read a nice book throughout the drawn-out coloring procedure in an Instagram story sneak peek.

Katherine Heigl, an actress, doesn’t hesitate to experiment with her hair. She has grown to dislike long hair, platinum lobs, red hair, brown hair, and bright red hair throughout the years. Well, it’s decidedly 1980s. It looks so ’80s that we initially assumed it was a vintage photograph rather than the real thing. The actress is wearing a darker, extremely short back, and curly top ‘do that wouldn’t look out of place in any 1987 yearbook. She said;

I’m a brunette. Well, it took three hours and three processes.

Katherine doesn't hesitate to experiment with her hair.Katherine doesn’t hesitate to experiment with her hair.
Source: Today

Katherine Heigl has worn deeper hues in the past, despite her current popularity as a blonde. She had a brown, curly haircut during the 1995 world premiere of Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. When the stunning actress promoted the first season of Firefly Lane on The Talk in February 2021, she revealed that she had changed her hair color to honor the book the show is based on and keep it as true to the story as possible. In case you weren’t aware, the drama series is based on Kristin Hannah‘s book of the same name. In the book, Heigl’s character is a brunette; therefore, she wanted to maintain that hair color for the program.

Katherine's natural blonde hair looks good on her.Katherine’s natural blonde hair looks good on her.
Source: Instagram

According to Cosmopolitan, Heigl did tint her hair a dark brown color for Firefly Lane season 1. Three hours were needed to complete the procedure. But it appears that she also wore a wig for the 1980s-themed scenes in the first season. Heigl declined to have her hair-colored brunette for the second season of Firefly Lane. She doesn’t dye her hair brunette; instead, she sports a variety of brunette wigs during the second season. Katherine Heigl claimed that she adjusted her hair color to respect the source material. She said;

Tully is a brunette in the novel, so I like to honor the book as much as I can and I like altering my hair color…and that confuses my kids a lot. When I performed it, my son in particular, who was two at the time, was just in awe. He had no idea who I was. In actuality, I believe he genuinely adored the brunette. When the pandemic hit, I went back to having blonde hair, and he kept asking me, Where’s your brown hair? in a kind of bashful manner.