Michael Baggott’s Weight Loss: The Flog It Star Appears to Be in Shape These Days!

Michael Baggott has recently fascinated many of his fans and followers with his drastic weight loss body transformation. The fans and followers who were used to seeing him as a large and masculine man are now surprised by his current weight of 88 kg. However, the antique expert has yet not discussed the reason or secret to his transformation.

Michael Baggott is an antique expert and television personality who is a regular face on the reality show Flog It. Along with that, he is also an author, having published An Illustrated Guide to York Hallmarks 1776 – 1858 in 2010. He currently resides in London, England.  But when it comes to his personal information, Michael has kept it private and his exact birth date is still unknown.

However, we do know that Mr. Baggott and Elizabeth Baggott were his parents. His father worked as a butler and amassed a collection of pocket-sized valuables during his tenure. And his mother died in November 2019 after a lengthy battle with cancer. He has a sister as well. She is a fashion model.

During his time in college, he started his career in antiques by working at the renowned salesroom Christie’s. Later, he began working as a private consultant dealing in antique silver after graduation. In 2004, he began his career on the BBC‘s antique show Flog It.

Recently, Michael Baggott’s body transformation has drawn a lot of interest from his fans. Likely, his admirers and followers have claimed to notice drastic changes in his body and believed Baggott has embarked on a weight loss journey. As a result, fans are eager to learn more about his latest physique and wonder about the secret behind his weight loss. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Michael Baggott’s Weight Loss: The Antiquities Expert, Who Used to Be a Big Manly Man, Has Recently Captured His Fans’ Attention With His Latest Lean Body Transformation!

Michael Baggott (@baggottsilver) is an antiquities expert who became a well-known and well-recognized expert everyone after appearing on the BBC‘s reality show Flog It. Talking about that particular show that received a lot of love and support from users, the host of that show was Paul Martin. And recently, Baggott’s weight loss journey has stood out among his fans and supporters who were used to seeing him as a big masculine man who currently weighs about 88 kilograms and stands 6 feet, 1 inch tall.

Meanwhile, people are shocked by his latest body shape after seeing his recent photos, and everyone has since confirmed that he is on a weight loss journey. Despite this, he hasn’t talked much about it in his hands or with words. Apart from that, he is a huge foodie who can’t stop eating and going out. But, he is a very socially active person, and we can see on his social media that he is a very good chef; he has been sharing some of the recipes and meals with his friends as well as all of his followers; however, fans previously believed that he was ill, and he was hospitalized.

On the other hand, there is no information about Michael Baggott on the social media platform indicating that Flog It cast is having a problem or that he has a medical history related to his illness. He is in very good mental and physical health, and there is no information or news about him that he is suffering from any disease at the moment, but if we look at his previous photos, there is some drastic change all around.

But the main reason is that he never talks about anything, so the changes he is going through are a surprise to everyone, and everyone is now excited and curious to learn about his personal life and diet routine.

As a result, no hints or information have been revealed to the public at this time. However, based on his photos, we can only conclude that Michael Baggott is doing well and getting healthier by the day, but he is also looking forward to getting back in shape, and his fans are overjoyed to see him in this condition. His fans are also curious about him and take professional symptoms after he is going through some of the glances at his recent weight loss. However, we will keep you updated on his health-reduction journey as soon as we receive any new information.

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