Michael Gandolfini Girlfriend - Over a Year in a Relationship with His GF

Feb 6, 2021 @ 3:22 GMT-0500

Michael Gandolfini is the star of the new HBO Max movie The Many Saints of Newark. He is also appearing in the Apple TV film Cherry. Son of legendary actor James Gandolfini, Michael is walking in his father's footstep. Learn all the details about his current girlfriend, Michael's battle with alcohol abuse, and his budding acting career.

Born on 10 May 1999, Michael Gandolfini is the only son of James Gandolfini and his first wife Marcy Wudarski. Michael has a half-sister, the daughter of his father, and his second wife. He was raised in Park Ridge, New Jersey, and only recently started his career as an actor.

Growing up in the arms of his father, who is considered to be the greatest TV actor of all time, Michael said he asked for acting tips. But James Gandolfini simply said he was not Michael's acting teacher, he was his father. That relationship has been instrumental in shaping the man Michael is today. But before getting into all that, here is everything you need to know about Michael Gandolfini's girlfriend.

Michael Gandolfini Girlfriend - Dating for Over a Year

michael-gandolfini-girlfriend-2021Michael Gandolfini is currently dating his girlfriend Ally Gorder. They have been together for more than a year.
Image Source: Michael Gandolfini Instagram

Growing up a chubby kid, Michael went on a weight loss journey in recent years. He is a good looking man and looks just like his dad. Michael is also a taken man, he is currently in a relationship and things appear to be going pretty smoothly for the actor and his new girlfriend.

Michael Gandolfini is currently dating his girlfriend Ally Gorder. According to their respective Instagram profiles, it is clear that the couple has been together for more than a year. Ally recently posted on 14 November 2020, saying the day was their one year anniversary.

According to Ally, the couple started to date in November of 2019 and this year they will celebrate their two-year anniversary. Michael and his girlfriend Ally both posted about each other in August 2020. They professed their love for one another and shared sweet captions on Instagram.

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Both Michael and Ally are not avid social media users but they do share cute pictures of one another from time to time. According to our research, Michael and his girlfriend Ally were both in New York University during the same time which leads us to believe their relationship started in college.

Michael's girlfriend Ally is slightly older than him. He will turn 22 in May 2021, and Ally will be 25 this year. She is from California and the youngest of two children in her family. Sadly her elder brother died in 2015 and Ally wrote beautifully about the pain and grief she went through in her advanced writing course at NYU.

Together Michael and Ally have dealt with grief and loss. Maybe that is what makes their relationship so endearing but no matter the case, it is obvious how much Michael loves his girlfriend. All we want to say is we hope to see them reach their second anniversary and get to celebrate many more in the future.

Michael Gandolfini Dealt with Alcohol Abuse

It takes a strong person to admit they have an issue with the way their life is going. Michael, for years, abused alcohol, and he dealt with alcoholism but he decided to take control of his life and be sober. In 2020 he continued his journey to sobriety and even said some encouraging words for a fan who was dealing with the same issue.

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Michael was only 14 years old when his father died in Italy. He was the one who found James unresponsive in a hotel bathroom during a family vacation to Italy. Seeing your father dead is going to leave a scar on any child. While the actor has not specified his reason for alcohol abuse, grief can certainly be a factor.

On his 21st birthday, the actor gave himself a gift of sobriety. He is taking it a day at a time and the advice is also the same for anyone who is struggling with alcohol abuse.

Michael Plays Tony Soprano in the HBO Max movie The Many Saints of Newark


The Many Saints of Newark is a prequel to the hit HBO show The Sopranos. It is the first such project coming from The Sopranos, a show that is considered to have brought glamour and prestige back to TV dramas. James Gandolfini became an icon after his role as Tony Soprano in the David Chase created series.

Michael Gandolfini will play the role of Tony Soprano in The Many Saints of Newark. He will play the younger version of the character played by his father. Michael did not want to do the role, considering it was tied so much to his father. He was pushed to do an audition and a few weeks later he was hired.

Michael said he was not allowed to watch The Sopranos. The moment he found out there was a movie based on the show, in development, Michael decided to watch the first episode. Then he watched the six seasons in six weeks, and only agreed to do the audition so he could impress David Chase on his own merits.

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The way The Many Saints of Newark look right now; it was the right decision by the young actor. Stepping in his father's shoes the actor is getting to know his father even better. Michael said about his father, "I never knew Tony Soprano, I only knew my father."

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