Nat Fyfe’s Girlfriend: Who Is He Currently Dating After Splitting With His Partner, Ellie Bradshaw?

Nat Fyfe is currently single and doesn’t have a girlfriend as of 2023. After splitting with his partner, Ellie Bradshaw, he was dating Australian cricketer Ellyse Perry, and they were seen together several times. But it seems that Nate and Ellyse have parted ways.

In the Australian Football League, Nat Fyfe represents the Fremantle Football Club as a professional Australian rules football player (AFL). He quickly became well-known in his industry, had a significant impact on society through his work, and quickly gained a lot of popularity, and now people started to be curious about his personal life.

The player is also well-known on his social media channels. Nate has a lot of fans and a charming appearance, making him the crush of many young girls. You may be wondering if he has ever had a relationship with a woman. In 2023, does he have a girlfriend? Or, is he single? Here are the most recent details regarding Nat’s romantic status. Let’s find out, then!

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Nat Fyfe Doesn’t Have a Girlfriend in 2023; After Splitting With His Partner, Ellie Bradshaw, He Was Rumored to Be Dating Ellyse Perry

Nat Fyfe (@natfyfe) doesn’t have a girlfriend as of 2023. The football player has a lot of fans and a charming appearance, making him the crush of many young girls, but he seems to be busy with his career. However, it’s not that he has remained single forever; he had a partner back in 2021.

In 2021, Nat Fyfe was rumored to be dating his girlfriend Ellyse Perry.

In 2021, Nat Fyfe was rumored to be dating his girlfriend Ellyse Perry.
Image Source: Fox Sports

Early in 2021, there were rumors that Nat Fyfe was dating an Australian cricketer, Ellyse Perry (@ellyseperry). Yes! The rumors were accurate. The two were frequently spotted together. So, is Ellyse Perry, an Australian cricket player, still dating Nat? As of now, none of the athletes have answered the rumors, so it appears that we are unsure. Ellyse was previously a married woman. After five years of marriage, Ellyse Perry and Matt Toomua divorced in July 2020. The separation was amicable.

In 2010, 2012, 2014, 2018, and 2020, Australia won the T20 World Cup five times, and Perry was a member of each of those teams. Aside from family members, she is the only other woman that Fyfe follows on Instagram. Channel 7 questioned Fyfe in advance of the 2020 Brownlow Medal:

Other than your partner, who would you take to the Brownlow?

Nat Fyfe responded, taking the name Perry, saying that he would take her to the 2020 Brownlow Award ceremony. Even though nothing has been made explicit as of yet, Nat and Ellyse Perry have been close friends for a while and get along well. Even though neither celebrity appears to be aware of the news.

Also, Fyfe supported Perry during a Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) game. Seeing her then-rumored girlfriend at the cricket field made him pleased. Perry also stopped by the Docker’s locker room following Fyfe’s 200th match against Hawthorn.

According to Australian media reports from the second half of 2022, Perry is still single because their relationship didn’t grow. She is not dating anyone. Earlier this year, it was claimed that aside from family members, Fyfe exclusively followed Perry on Instagram. Since then, however, the two have unfollowed one another, giving rise to rumors that the couple had broken up. Apart from Ellyse Perry, the footballer has dated Ellie Bradshaw.

Nat Fyfe with his ex-girlfriend Ellie Bradshaw.

Nat Fyfe with his ex-girlfriend Ellie Bradshaw.
Image Source: Daily Mail

The footballer and Ellie Bradshaw started dating in 2016. But, they have always been intermittent. They made their public debut in 2016 after winning the Western Australian of the Year Award. Despite rumors that they had broken up, they were seen together once more when Fyfe won his second Brownlow Medal. He also referred to his partner in his statement, saying that she had been supportive of all of his achievements. However, Ellie Bradshaw and Nat are no longer together and have ended their relationship.

The well-known bachelor jock didn’t bring a date to the 2015 Brownlow Medal red carpet, but he did give up his crutches in favor of a cane after breaking his leg. He has previously shown interest in inviting Australian actress and Wolf of Wall Street star Margot Robbie to the black tie affair on Channel 7’s Game Day.

The subject of Nat Fyfe’s current girlfriend is in the news. He has never spoken publicly about his private life and has always kept it hidden from prying eyes. He has been in several relationships throughout the years. Being a celebrity may have made dating more challenging because the paparazzi’s eyes were constantly on him. Yet based on examples like this, it appears that rumors are already circulating.

Every time he scored a victory, the Australian rules football player attracted considerable attention. His appearance, character, and accent are all to die for. But everyone seems to be curious about the football star’s romantic relationship. Perhaps a small bird has learned of any developments in this situation. However, based on his dating history and rumored girlfriend, he appears to be single in 2023.