Oakley Bull

Born in 2012, Oakley Bull is a child actress best known for Thanksgiving (2016), Beautiful Boy (2018), and Outmatched (2020). As of March 2020, her age is 7.

The details of her family, parents, and siblings could receive further light as this young actress gains bigger stardom in the days to come.

Stars as Leila on the Fox comedy ‘Outmatched’ (2020)

The American multi-camera comedy series, Outmatched, is created by Lon Zimmet and produced by Kevin C. Slattery and Rachael Field for Fox Broadcasting Company. The sitcom stars Jason Biggs and Maggie Lawson as the husband and wife duo who have trouble parenting their four kids, only one of whom is not gifted.

The live-action situation comedy is the Thursday night entry and the only series in this particular genre ordered by Fox for the 2019/20 season.

Ashley Boettcher and Oakley Bull as Nicole Bennett and Leila Bennett, respectively, on the Fox sitcom, 'Outmatched.'

Ashley Boettcher and Oakley Bull as Nicole Bennett and Leila Bennett, respectively, on the Fox sitcom, ‘Outmatched.’
Source: Outmatched Fox Instagram (@outmatchedfox)

As per Fox, the premise reads:

A blue-collar couple in Atlantic City struggles to raise four kids — three of whom just happen to be certified geniuses.

Jason Biggs and Maggie Lawson star in a leading role as Mike and Kay Bennett. The rest of the main cast includes Ashley Boettcher as Nicole Bennett (oldest gifted daughter), Connor Kalopsis as Brian Bennett (oldest gifted son), Jack Stanton as Marc Bennett (youngest gifted son), and Oakley Bull as Leila Bennett (youngest daughter, the only non-gifted child).

Meanwhile, Tisha Campbell and Finesse Mitchell star as Rita and Irwin, respectively. In addition, Tony Danza and Caroline Aaron make guest appearances as Mike’s parents.


Outmatched premiered on Fox on 23rd January 2020.

Set to Feature Alongside Gal Gadot on ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ (2020)

The highly anticipated sequel of Wonder Woman (2017) is hitting theatres on 5th June 2020. Titled Wonder Woman 1984, Gal Gadot reprises her leading role as Princess Diana (Wonder Woman), facing a new challenge in the form of Barbara Minerva aka Cheetah. The movie is expected to set during the height of the cold war.


Oakley Bull is cast as Kelly in the sequel to the DC blockbuster. The young actress couldn’t contain her excitement when she first heard she landed a role in such a high-profile movie. Oakley said:

I was so excited when I found out I booked Wonder Woman. It’s Wonder Woman! A GIRL superhero!

Meanwhile, the main cast includes Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, Robin Wright, and Connie Nielsen.

Warner Bros. Pictures is scheduled to release Wonder Woman 1984 on 5th June 2020.

Oakley Bull’s Career So Far


Beginning her career in local commercials, Oakley Bull soon caught the eye of talent agencies in New York. She made her professional debut with the role of a daughter for a single episode on the TV documentary Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry (2015). The same year, she made a couple more single episode documentary appearances on I Was Possessed (2015) as Isabelle and Evil Kin (2015) as Renee’s Daughter.


In 2016, the actress had a recurring role as Caper Morgan for four episodes on Thanksgiving. Two years later, she featured as Daisy Sheff in the movie Beautiful Boy (2018), starring Steve Carell and Timothee Chalamet. This was followed by the voice role of Cindy on the Netflix film Puppy Star Christmas (2018).


The child star most recently portrayed the titular character of Young Noelle in a fantasy adventure Christmas comedy Noelle (2019). Bull’s upcoming project includes an American thriller Fatale (2020).

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