‘Outmatched’ Stars Jason Biggs and Maggie Lawson Reveal Their Favorite Casino

Fox’s new sitcom Outmatched is one of those shows you either love because it’s so basic or you loathe because it’s too basic. The online reviews could, therefore, be misleading since the extent to which you’re expected to love this multi-camera comedy series primarily depends on your personal taste and individual preferences.

While the story is about the challenges of parenting, most people might find it hard to relate since the possibility of giving birth to three certified geniuses in the same household is almost non-existent. So, one could argue it’s pretty unrealistic on top of exaggerated humor on various aspects of the show. However, there’s a certain beauty to this series’ innocent nature that is quite captivating, albeit it’s clearly not for everyone to grasp.


The American Pie star Jason Biggs leads the sitcom as one-half of the parents alongside Detective Julie actress from Psych, Maggie Lawson. The two – as the name of the show suggests – are ‘outmatched’ by their three genius kids. The fourth kid, however, the youngest of the lot, is a regular child, who compensates for her lack of ‘genius’ with brilliant common sense and social skills. So, it’s silly to assume she’s much of a slouch, either. The actual smartest kid in the family is pretty debatable if we’re being honest.

Biggs is playing the role of a blue-collar home contractor named Mike alongside his beautiful wife Kay, a pit boss at a local casino. They are parents to the four wonderful kids; Ashley Boettcher as Nicole (eldest child), Connor Kalopsis as Brian (eldest son), Jack Stanton as Mike (youngest son), and Oakley Bull as Leila (youngest child). The other notable cast includes Tisha Campbell as Rita and Finesse Mitchell as Irwin.

Jason Biggs and Maggie Lawson star as Mike and Kay, respectively on the Fox sitcom 'Outmatched' (2020).

Jason Biggs and Maggie Lawson star as Mike and Kay, respectively, on the Fox sitcom ‘Outmatched’ (2020).
Source: Outmatched Instagram (@outmatchedfox)

The on-screen husband & wife duo, Maggie Lawson and Jason Biggs, recently sat down with Fox to reveal their favorite casino and what they like most about Vegas.

Maggie Lawson Talks About her Favorite Casino in Vegas


Since Maggie Lawson portrays the character of a pit boss at a casino on Fox’s Outmatched, it’s pretty apt to inquire about her favorite gambling house. The actress, however, was quick to spell it out with barely any hesitation. Lawson revealed,

You know the casino I love, I still love is MGM grand. I love it, it’s like a little bit old school, it’s very easy to navigate and I mean they all are, but I always love the MGM Grand.

The 39-year-old added, “I love Vegas. And now I get to write off my trips to Vegas, because you know I’m doing a ‘research.’”

Outmatched star Maggie Lawson's favorite casino is MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas.

Maggie Lawson’s favorite casino is MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas.
Source: Thrillist

One of the parts of Lawson’s role is to understand the psychology of an individual working in a casino, so she couldn’t be more thrilled to go to Vegas whenever she wants as part of her job.

Jason Biggs Reveals the Best Thing About Vegas


Maggie Lawson might have her favorite casino, but the same can’t be said for the Jim Levenstein star from the teen sex comedy film series American Pie, Jason Biggs. The actor insisted there’s not one particular Casino he likes because he loves all of them.

I’ve never been in a casino I didn’t like to be honest with you.

Biggs then recalled,

Well, I haven’t been to Vegas in a minute though. I’m due, I’m due for a return. I’ll tell you what I like about Vegas. Can I be honest with you? The food. I’m a food guy.

Meanwhile, Lawson was quick to point out she knew he was gonna say precisely that. She concurred her co-star is a food guy, adding, “The restaurants there are some of the best in the world. They’re so good.”

Outmatched airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on FOX.

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