‘Supernatural’ Star Misha Collins Apologizes for Defending Destiel Backlash

Misha Collins admits he was naive to respond to Destiel backlash amongst Supernatural fans.

Supernatural actor Misha Collins, who played Castiel on the CW show apologized for defending the contentious closing scene between Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Castiel.

On the 18th episode of Season 15 entitled ‘Despair,’ Castiel gives up on his life by finding a moment of genuine happiness, in an effort to prevent Death/Billie (Lisa Berry) from taking Dean’s life.

However, his demise brought criticisms over how the closing scene perpetuated the theme of Bury Your Gays, as Castiel admitted his love for Dean.


Misha’s initial reaction to the backlash came when it was discovered the episode’s Spanish dub had altered one of the lines.

“Don’t do this, Cas,” Dean responded to Castiel’s gesture of love in the English version. But the Spanish iteration simply had Dean reply, “And I, you, Cas.”

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This prompted viewers to wonder which variant was the original line in the script and if any censorship had taken place.

Taking to Twitter prior to his apology, Misha stated he was “disheartened” by “a lot of misconceptions” from followers, and posted a video that expanded on his feelings.

He said,

I just wanted to take a moment to explain that there is no conspiracy. There never was an alternate ending of episode 15.18 when Cas said, ‘I love you’. There apparently was a rogue translator.

Discussing the controversy, he added in the video:

I feel proud of the ending of Supernatural. I feel like it was intentionally inclusive and a celebration of someone expressing their truth and having good things come of it.

The actor continued:

Castiel is not a character that plays into any insidious trope of exclusion in Hollywood… In my opinion, Castiel’s declaration of love was done of his own volition, with full knowledge of the consequences of those actions. He went on to rebuild Heaven and his action literally saved the world.

The Castiel star insisted,

By expressing who he really was, by saying this, by making this declaration of love, he literally ends up saving the world, and if that’s not something to celebrate, I don’t know what is.

Misha stated in his short speech he was “a little irked” by the outrage and encouraged everybody to “just take a moment to celebrate the good of this show.”

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Fans were not best pleased with Misha’s remarks, and after voicing their complaints to the star, he wrote a follow-up tweet where he admitted he talked “defensively” and now intends to listen to the fans.

I’m sorry if I spoke defensively. I naively thought Cas in 15.18 was going to feel validating.

But this isn’t about me. I’m going to shut up and listen for a change. If it’s not too much to ask, please tell me what we could have done better.

Supernatural concluded last week after 15 amazing years, but fans were far from thrilled by the manner in which their favorite show ended.

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