Why The Baker and the Beauty Deserved Second Season?

The Baker and the Beauty first season was a perfect storm, a sweet show to get us all through the depressing time we were all living through. The show was beautiful in its execution and hearty in its message, which is why it was sad when ABC canceled the show after the first season finished airing.

The love for the show was immense, and even the rating of The Baker and the Beauty was steady, with around 3.8 million viewers per episode. Critical reception was also good to great, with Rotten Tomatoes’ average score sitting at 88%. Still, ABC did not feel confident to greenlight a second season.

Considering the fan reaction after the show was canceled, it was apparent they made the wrong decision. The Baker and the Beauty, along with its cast, made their way into the hearts of millions of fans and the cancelation hit hard. The freshman ABC show deserved better; it deserved a sophomore outing.

A Great Cast – The Baker and the Beauty’s Biggest Success

The Baker and the Beauty featured a diverse cast and a great story.The Baker and the Beauty featured a diverse cast and a great story.
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When the show was announced, and ABC released the trailer, it looked like a generic television show featuring a “Cinderella” story. From the very first episode, it was evident that The Baker and the Beauty may have a generic story, but the cast was elevating it far beyond.

Led by Victor Rasuk as Daniel and Nathalie Kelley as Noa, the show had some of the finest Latinx performers. Imagine Pretty Woman with a diverse cast and amazing food. From Daniel‘s scorned lover to his family, there were fan-favorite characters everywhere in the show.

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And the diverse group of people coming together to tell the story of romance and family was exactly what the doctor ordered during the pandemic. The weekly episodes made the show even more memorable as we all rooted for Daniel and Noa to fall in love with one another, despite all the chaos it caused in their personal lives.

A Cliffhanger Ending – The Baker and the Beauty Deserved a Second Season to Finish the Story

For those who do not know, The Baker and the Beauty was adapted from an Israeli show of the same name. Though there are various interesting differences between the original and the adaptation, the premise was the same as a Baker is suddenly thrust into a glamorous world after meeting a famous celebrity.

The original show aired for two seasons, you can watch it on Prime Video, and it got to tell the complete story of Daniel and Noa. For the adaptation The Baker and the Beauty, there was no such luck as we are stuck with the emotional airport scene.

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Daniel and Noa finally reunited, and less than five minutes later, they were engaged, but we will not be able to see them get married. ABC should have renewed the show, just for one more season, so that the writers and the actors could finish out Noa and Daniel‘s arc.

Is there Hope for The Baker and the Beauty Season 2? Maybe Netflix?

After the news of cancelation came through, thousands of people flocked to social media, angry at the decision. The star of the show, Nathalie Kelley, was understandably upset at such a diverse show getting the ax after just a nine-episode long season one.

She later went on to promise that the show will find a home somewhere else. It has been almost four months since the cancelation order, and still, there is no news if any channel or streaming platforms are picking up the show.

We definitely want to see the second season of The Baker and the Beauty, but it seems Netflix is not coming to the rescue. It was a great first season, though, and according to the show’s creator, there were many stories they still wanted to tell in the second season. But ABC made sure we would not get to see any of them, well, for now anyway.

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