'The Boys' - Black Noir's Homelander Comic Twist Now Impossible on the Show

Oct 4, 2020 @ 4:06 GMT-0500
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'The Boys' - Black Noir's Homelander Comic Twist Now Impossible on the Show

The Boys season 2 revealed new details about Black Noir that makes the comics twist now impossible to pull off.

The second season of The Boys disclosed a particular revelation about Black Noir, one that leaves the Homelander comic twist unfeasible.

Season 2 of the hit show is soon drawing to a close. All but one episode now remains to be released, setting up what is likely to be a thrilling conclusion to the second season.

While much of the plot centered on Stormfront and what her emergence meant to Homelander and The Boys, the character arcs have moved forward with the rest of The Seven as well.

Black Noir is one of the major players of season 2, with the quiet yet dangerous Supe getting more involved in the plot. He tracked down Billy Butcher and the boys on the instructions of Vought CEO Stan Edgar. Plus, he is one of the few members of The Seven still allied with Homelander.

Black Noir is a Homelander Clone in 'The Boys' Comics

Black Noir is revealed to be a clone of Homelander in The Boys comics.

Black Noir is revealed to be a clone of Homelander in The Boys comics.
Source: Inverse

For anyone who's familiar with the comics storyline, it was fascinating to learn Black Noir was, in fact, a clone of Homelander. The show, however, has made this twist unimaginable.

In the 7th episode of The Boys season 2, Black Noir got into a battle with Starlight after she was held captive for treason and attempted to escape from Vought Tower.

Black Noir defied Starlight all the way during the fight before Queen Maeve jumped in to aid her. Queen Maeve was able to overcome Black Noir by raising his mask and ramming Almond Joy into his mouth as he's apparently got a serious nut allergy.

The most significant surprise to come from this altercation, though, is that the guy under the Black Noir mask is a black person.

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Homelander stated earlier in the season Black Noir does not classify under any ethnicity, but that doesn't seem to be accurate after all. Clearly, if Black Noir is black, then he cannot be the duplicate of Homelander.

The comics twist was a pivotal moment with serious consequences to the narrative, so the decision to abandon this plot in the show is a little shocking.

Black Noir's goal as a replication of Homelander in the graphic novels was to serve as a failsafe for if/when Homelander became a threat to Vought.

Black Noir was fully aware of this intent and cautiously tried to blame Homelander for misdeeds, hoping he might ultimately get to kill the leader of The Seven.

But Black Noir ended up exposing his true self to Homelander, culminating in a battle that ended with Black Noir murdering Homelander and Billy Butcher killing Black Noir.

Since the very beginning, the Amazon Prime series opted to be a lot more flexible with the plot and the characters while adapting the comics on screen, and so far it's worked perfectly.

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The lack of a Homelander clone surprise in season 2 and beyond may be confusing for some viewers, but it doesn't mean the critical theme ceases to exist. Black Noir may still be working for Vought in The Seven with the aim of assassinating Homelander.

This, of course, depends on the masked Supe not biting the dust due to the Almond Joy allergy. If he's still alive and kicking, you cannot rule out Black Noir fulfilling his comic destiny by killing Homelander later in the series.

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