Wolfgang Novogratz

For someone who was introduced to the world of show business early on in his life, Wolfgang Novogratz took a long time to really pursue a career in acting. He was 13 years old when he was part of a TV show with his family, and seven years later the actor was starring in movies and appearing in TV shows. Slowly the actor is making his way to the top, and new Netflix movies The Half of It and Feel the Beat are propelling the actor to worldwide fame.

The actor from California was born on 9 May 1997 to his parents, father Robert Novogratz and mother Cortney Novogratz. He is the first of seven kids Robert and Cortney had together, and they were all raised in the East-coast. Wolfgang’s parents are designers, and they were the stars of a reality TV show where the whole Novogratz family, known as The Novogratz, appeared in the Bravo TV series.


Wolfgang Novogratz started his career with his family’s TV show, but he took over a seven-year break from being in front of the camera. He was still a young kid then, juggling high school, being a teenager, and earning a living through acting was not at the top of the list of priorities for the young actor. But he came back to the world of show business in 2017 and slowly started to put his brand of content out there. There are no shortages of fans for the handsome actor, and we suspect the number of fans is only going to grow more in the coming day.

Playing Nick in the Netflix movie Feel the Beat

Sofia Carson leads the new Netflix movie Feel the Beat, playing April.Sofia Carson leads the new Netflix movie Feel the Beat, playing April.
Source: Netflix

Wolfgang Novogratz is making a career out of appearing in coming of age and family-centric Netflix movies. The Half of It was a wild success on Netflix, even taking the number one spot on A. O. Scott’s recommended movies list. Feel the Beat is another Netflix movie. which is poised to make an impression on the global audience through approachable familial themes.

The new Netflix movie, Feel the Beat, is about a disgraced Broadway performer, April, who is forced to quit broadway and move back to her home town. Back home she finds a group of misfit dancers who are looking for a direction, and she reluctantly decides to help the band of misfits and propel them to glory. So April needs to train New Hope in order to prepare them for battle against the Royalton and win the competition.

Wolfgang Novogratz plays Nick in the Netflix movie Feel the Beat.Wolfgang Novogratz plays Nick in the Netflix movie Feel the Beat.
Source: Netflix

There is not much information about the movie with Netflix only releasing promotional photos. Trailer for the movie is still not available but we did see Wolfgang Novogratz along with the movie lead Sofia Carson. Wolfgang is playing Nick in the movie with Sofia playing April. They seem to be together in getting the team to the competition and by the looks of things Wolfgang’s character looks and feels drastically different from the one he played in The Half of It.

According to Netflix, the movie’s release date is 19 June 2020. Feel the Beat cast includes Sofia Carson as April, Wolfgang Novogratz as Nick, Johanna Colon as Lucia, Lidya Jewett as Kari, Shiloh Nelson as Ruby, Drew Davis as R.J., Shaylee Mansfield as Zuzum, Pat Thornton as Tommy, Kai Zen as June, Carina Battrick as Michelle, and Sadie Lapidus as Oona.

Wolfgang Novogratz Plays Trig Carson in the Netflix Movie The Half of It

The Half of It is receiving critical acclaim from critics who are calling the movie a “feel-good rom-com,” something which has depth and cast to do justice to the characters, it also recently won the Founders Award at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival. Directed by Alice Wu, who also wrote the story and is credited as a producer in the flick, is her second outing as a director since 2005 when her last movie was released.

According to the trailer released by Netflix, The Half of It is about the life of three teenagers living in Squahamish. The life they live, the friends they have, the secrets they hide, and the feelings they have about one another makes up for the main plot of the story. Coming to terms with hidden feelings and finding friends during difficult times is what the idea behind the movie is all about.

Wolfgang Novogratz plays Trig Carson in the Netflix movie The Half of It.Wolfgang Novogratz plays Trig Carson in the Netflix movie The Half of It.
Source: Instagram

Wolfgang Novogratz plays Trig Carson in the movie. He is a high school jock who is handsome and popular with the ladies. Though not much is revealed about the actor in the trailer where we only see the actor in one frame, it seems his character is almost opposite to that of Paul. We will need to see the movie to really get the idea of what the deal about Trig is.

Netflix set the date of 1 May 2020 for the release of The Half of It, starring, Leah Lewis as Ellie Chu, Daniel Diemer as Paul Munsky, Alexxis Lemire as Aster Flores, Catherine Curtin as Colleen Munsky, Collin Chou as Edwin Chu, Enrique Murciano as Deacon Flores, Wolfgang Novogratz as Trig Carson and Beck Ann Baker as Mrs. Geselschap.

Siblings and Parents of Wolfgang Novogratz

Wolfgang Novogratz's parents are Robert and Cortney Novogratz, he has six younger siblings.Wolfgang Novogratz’s parents are Robert and Cortney Novogratz, he has six younger siblings.
Source: Instagram

As mentioned above, Wolfgang Novogratz is the son of former real estate agents and current designers Robert and Cortney Novogratz. The couple met, got married, and moved to New York, where they started their career in real estate and later transitioned to interior designing. The husband and wife team also got their chance to shine in front of the camera when Bravo TV hired them to appear in a reality TV show featuring their whole family.

Wolfgang is not the only child of Robert and Cortney Novogratz; he was the first one, and altogether the actor has six younger siblings. His two sisters, Bellamy and Tallulah, who are twins, were born a year later in 1998, both are in show business, Tallulah Novogratz is also an actress, and she is also known for her writing prowess, whereas Bellamy Novogatz started her career as a model.

The Half of It actor has four brothers, Breaker Novogratz, the eldest of his brothers was born in 2000, and he is an actor like his elder brother. After five years, another set of twins, Five and Holleder, were born in 2005, followed by the youngest member of the family Major Novogratz who was born in 2009.

Wolfgang Novogratz is Making a Career with Numerous Netflix Movies – He is also Playing Patch Cipriano in the Novel Adaptation of Hush, Hush

The first acting credit of Wolfgang’s career was in his family’s reality TV show 9 by Design. The show only lasted for a single season, and Wolfgang did not appear in any movies or TV shows for over seven years. The next credit in his acting career came nine years later in 2018 when he was hired to appear in the action movie Assassination Nation.

Wolfgang continued his pursuit of becoming an actor, with an appearance in the hit TV show Grown-ish. He followed up the casting with his first Netflix movie Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, which was released in 2018. In 2019, another Netflix movie came calling, and the actor appeared as Foster in the hit flick The Last Summer.

Wolfgang Novogratz is playing Patch Cipriano in the movie adaptation of Hush, Hush.Wolfgang Novogratz is playing Patch Cipriano in the movie adaptation of Hush, Hush.
Source: IMDb

The Half of It will be Wolfgang’s third Netflix movie, but he is not stopping there. According to IMDb, there is currently another Netflix movie featuring the actor, currently in the works. Feel the Beat is scheduled for a release on 19 June 2020, and Wolfgang is playing Nick in the new film.

He is also all set to appear as Patch Cipriano, the leading character in Becca Fitzpatrick’s New York Times bestselling novel. The book and the movie are about an ancient war between supernatural beings. Wolfgang is playing the leading character in the highly anticipated film with Liana Liberato, also starring as Nora Grey in the flick.

Wolfgang Novogratz’s Net Worth – Also, Does the Actor Have a Girlfriend?

Wolfgang Novogratz is 22 years old, he is single and has a net worth of around $200,000.Wolfgang Novogratz is 22 years old, he is single and has a net worth of around $200,000.
Source: Wolfgang Novogratz Instagram

The actor comes from a well off family, Robert and Cortney Novogratz started their career over 25 years ago, and since that time they have renovated and designed homes all over the world. Something which has allowed the couple to maintain a large net worth, they are also working with brands and designing products, which adds to their net worth. According to reports, Cortney’s net worth alone is over $4 million, and the couple’s combined worth in over $10 million.

Wolfgang has also made some money of his own starring in movies and TV shows. There are reports out there which say the actor is worth somewhere around $200,000 and we can only see the number rising after Wolfgang has settled as an established actor.

When it comes to personal life, the actor does not share much information on his social media account. The actor has an Instagram account where there are over 100,000 followers but only three total posts. There are also no rumors linking the handsome hunk with anyone. It seems the 22-year-old is currently single, and he does not have a girlfriend that we know of.

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