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The number of Canadian actors coming over from the maple country is growing exponentially over the past few years, and nowadays, most of those actors are young, talented and ready to make their mark in the world of show business. One of such hot Canadian prospect, Akiel Julien, will make his presence felt this Valentine’s Day with the release of Utopia Falls on Hulu.

Akiel Julien was born on 31 October 1996 to his parents in Toronto, Canada, and the entirety of his life was spent in the place. He was an expressive kid from a young age, and dance was one of the things which caught the attention of Akiel Julien. It didn’t take long for the actor to take up dancing, and eventually, the Canadian dancer ended up in front of the camera, carrying out his other passion, acting.


Soon after Akiel was done with his education, the actor was off to the world of show business, and now he is playing the character of Bohdi in the Hulu series Utopia Falls. Only a few acting credits to the 23-year-old’s name, but this new sci-fi/dance series is sure to turn a lot of heads and provide future opportunities for Akiel Julien.

Akiel Julien Plays Bohdi in the Hulu Series Utopia Falls

According to the premise of Utopia Falls, the earth is scorched, and there is still a small pocket of civilization left on the planet. The people call the place New Babyl and use art and music to maintain order or respect their ancestors (something like that). The society is also divided into four groups Nature, Industry, Progress, and Reform.

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The groups are, in a way, a narrative structure to show the classism and dominant nature of those in power. Industry’s job is to maintain infrastructures, nature grows and provides raw materials, the whole purpose of Progress is to maintain order and govern and Reform is a place where unwanted from all three groups are thrown, rebels, disrupters, and non-conformists, this is the group where Akiel Julien’s character Bohdi is first seen.

Akiel Julien plays Bohdi in the new Hulu series Utopia Falls.Akiel Julien plays Bohdi in the new Hulu series Utopia Falls.
Source: Akiel Julien Instagram

New Babyl may seem like a harmonious society where the young kids compete in a dance competition, but underneath it, all is the oppression of the people and the hierarchy which governs the whole place. But the introduction of Archive (voiced by Snoop Dogg) throws a wrench into the whole thing when kids start discovering restricted art and music.

Utopia Falls premieres on Hulu this Valentine’s Day, starring Robyn Alomar, Akiel Julien, Robbie Graham-Kuntz, Humberly Gonzalez, Phillip Lewitski, Devyn Nekoda, Mickeey Nguyen, Sean Baek, and Kate Drummond.

Bohdi Actor Akiel Julien Started Dancing in Sixth Grade

Akiel Julien played LaTroy in the dancing series The Next Step for 35 episodes.Akiel Julien played LaTroy in the dancing series The Next Step for 35 episodes.
Source: Akiel Julien Instagram

Growing up, Akiel idolized Michael Jackson, and when he saw the moonwalk the first time, this was something he needed to do. He was in sixth grade when Akiel started copying the dance moves he saw on TV, and by the time he was in 10th grade, the actor was really thinking about taking up dancing seriously for his career.

While Akiel Julien was in Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts, he saw one of his friends starring in the dance TV show The Next Step, and Akiel also thought he needed to try it. At the first attempt, he could not get in, but during his second time auditioning, the actor was hired to play the role of LaTroy in the series.

Akiel Julien played the character of LaTroy for over two years and in 35 episodes, and this resulted in the actor finding his another passion of acting. Dancing and acting went hand in hand for the actor after the experience on the show. Akiel appeared in Wayne and The Boys, but the biggest role to date for the actor will surely be as Bohdi in the Hulu series Utopia Falls.

Akiel Julien’s Relationship Status – Akiel Julien and Erika Prevost Dated for a While

Akiel Julien and Erika Prevost dated for a short period of time.Akiel Julien and Erika Prevost dated for a short period of time.
Source: Wattpad

When it comes to his personal life, Akiel Julien is pretty private as we do not see much of his family photos or anything remotely even close to being personal on his Instagram page. Maybe it is because the actor does not use his Instagram frequently, but we do know Akiel and his The Next Step co-star Erika Prevost dated for a little period of time.

Erika and Akiel even started YouTube web-series together, but going through their Instagram feed, you would not find a single trace of the two ever being in a relationship. We are not certain if the two are still dating, but the lack of posts and no sign of pictures should give you a hint. By our account, Akiel Julien does not have a girlfriend right now, and he is currently single.

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