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Robbie Graham-Kuntz made his movie debut with the film Full Out in 2015, but it was not the first time the acting job of his career. Though he only started acting at the age of 19 when it comes to movies and TV shows, he is someone who was first trained in school, and then the training was implemented on stage, which led the actor to start acting in front of the camera.

The 23-year-old actor was born in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada, where he also grew up with his parents. He also finished high school there from Etobicoke School of the Arts, and while enrolled there, the actor discovered his love for the art of performing on stage. He was only in his early teen years when Robbie Graham-Kuntz started appearing in high school plays.

Robbie Graham-Kuntz was only 10 or 11 years old when his parents got him an agent, and the actor was booking commercials right after. This, combined with his education, there was nothing but a career in acting in Robbie’s mind. Now, Robbie Graham-Kuntz is playing the role of Tempo in the Hulu series Utopia Falls.

Robbie Graham-Kuntz is Playing Tempo in the Hulu Series Utopia Falls

Utopia Falls is by no stretch of the imagination, a normal series, but you expect to suspend your disbelief a little further for a science fiction production. Still, this is one of those shows where you are going to need a lot of patience because Utopia Falls is set 300 years into the future, and the biggest threat to the society is restricted art forms, which includes hip-hop.

You’re probably imagining something in the vein of Equilibrium or Fahrenheit 451, but Utopia Falls is significantly less violent and a little wackier of the two. Robbie Graham-Kuntz plays the character of Tempo in the series, and by the looks of the trailer, he is probably one of the dancers who does not approve of the incorporation of the hip-hop music into the eco-system they all have in place at New Babyl.

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The conflict between the various factions who either see censoring as a tool for order or a mode of oppression will make up for the bulk of the first season of Utopia Falls. With a lot of dancing, singing, and romance, this show is sure to be a hit among the viewers of Hulu during this Valentine’s Day. Other cast members include Robyn Alomar, Akiel Julien, Humberly Gonzalez, Phillip Lewitski, Devyn Nekoda, Mickeey Nguyen, Kate Drummond, and Sean Baek.

Robbie Graham-Kuntz is a Fitness Freak – Check Out His Crazy Body

Robbie Graham-Kuntz is a speciemen of a human being with his chiseled body.Robbie Graham-Kuntz is a specimen of a human being with his chiseled body.
Source: Robbie Graham-Kuntz Instagram

If you go through the CV of Robbie Graham-Kuntz, then you will see all the skills he is proficient at, like gymnastics, for example. And if you take a single look at the appearance of the actor then you will definitely see everything on the CV is most probably true. Robbie Graham-Kuntz is definitely a fitness junkie and someone who loves to take care of his body.

Scroll through the Instagram page of the actor, and you will see pictures of the actor without his shirt and sports a full and strong six-pack. At just the height of 5 feet and 7 inches, the actor certainly knows how to make most of his frame, and he just looks amazingly fit. Dance skills, good looks, and a chiseled body, all of these traits in a single person, should be illegal.

The Next Step was Robbie Graham-Kuntz’s First On-Screen Performance

Robbie Graham-Kuntz started acting at the age of 13, on stage.Robbie Graham-Kuntz started acting at the age of 13, on stage.
Source: Robbie Graham-Kuntz Instagram

Robbie Graham-Kuntz started acting on stage when he was only 13 years old; he appeared in the production of The Sound of Music. But the first on-screen role of the actor in a TV show or a movie came in the form of the TV series The Next Step, where Robbie played the character of Charlie in over ten episodes.

The actor’s first movie role was in the real-life adaptation flick Full Out, and he followed the film up with Antisocial 2 in the same year of 2015. For the longest time, the actor was not seen on the small or big screen, but it is all about to change when Robbie Graham-Kuntz makes his big comeback in the show Utopia Falls, playing Tempo.

Robbie Graham-Kuntz is Currently in a Relationship with His Girlfriend Jamie Murray

Jamie Graham-Kuntz is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Jamie Murray.Robbie Graham-Kuntz is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Jamie Murray.
Source: Jamie Murray Instagram

For people looking to slide into the DM of the handsome hunk, we have some bad news for you, Robbie Graham-Kuntz is taken. He is in a relationship with fellow actor Jamie Murray, and this is not a new relationship. Robbie and Jamie are together for over three years now as they started dating on 11 July 2016, and the actor recently commemorated their three years anniversary with a post on Instagram.

The two definitely love one another, and the abundance of the pictures on their Instagram reveals they are not afraid to show it off to the world. Robbie and Jamie are perfect for one another, or so the fans think, and we are not going to argue.

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