Amalia Yoo Plays Leila in Grand Army – 5 Quick Facts!

Amalia Yoo is about to become a star, well that is the idea anyway. The actress has been performing on stage for a few years now, but her debut on the small screen is happening this month with the character of Leila in the anticipated Netflix series Grand Army.

A New York native, Amalia is getting her moment in the spotlight with the new Netflix series, and it is a fine culmination of a half-decade of hard work for the actress. Netflix is the biggest streaming platform, and being in one of their shows is going to open many doors down the line. So, here are five quick facts you need to know about the Amalia Yoo.

She is 18-Years-Old – Amalia Yoo is from a Mixed Family

Amalia Yoo is 18-years-old, she is mixed-race, born to Puerto Rican mother and Korean father.Amalia Yoo is 18-years-old, she is a mixed-race, born to a Puerto Rican mother and a Korean father.
Source: Amalia Yoo Instagram

Amalia Yoo was born on 26 June 2002, in New York City to her Korean father and Puerto Rican mother. A mix of the East and the West, Amalia said she is proud of her heritage, both of them. Now 18-years-old the actress wrote she cannot wait to vote, celebrating her birthday on Instagram.

The Leila actress was born and raised in New York. She frequently posts about her parents on her social media pages. There is one picture she shared of her parents while writing on the caption that she was thankful for getting their genes. Amalia seems to have a great bond with her parents.

Amalia Yoo Plays Leila Kwan Zimmer in the Netflix Series Grand Army

Grand Army is based on the play called Slut: The Play by Katie Cappiello. The play was a critical hit, and Katie was hired to make her play into a TV show. Katie seems to have a good rapport with the girls in the show as she worked with some of them before; still, some controversies are surrounding the new series.

Netflix’s new series follows five girls studying in a Brooklyn public school. The show follows the point of view of the five teenagers as they try to figure out where they will end up in life, surrounded by situations they cannot control, namely violence, love, and the future.

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Amalia Yoo plays Leila Kwan Zimmer in the Netflix series Grand Army. Leila is one of the five main protagonists of the new show. According to the promotional pictures we’ve seen on her Instagram page, there seems to be something going on between Leila and Joey. But what exactly is happening between them? Only time will tell.

Amalia Yoo plays Leila Kwan Zimmer in the Netflix series Grand Army.Amalia Yoo plays Leila Kwan Zimmer in the Netflix series Grand Army.
Source: Instagram

The Leila actress was in Slut: The Play. She appeared in the play written by Katie Cappiello, but interestingly she played the character of Joey in the play. Whereas in the show, she will be taking on a new character. Still, the situation could not be better than this for her debut show.

Netflix is releasing the show on 16 October 2020. Grand Army cast includes Odessa A’zion as Joey Del Marco from Stuyvesant Town, Odley Jean as Dominique “Dom” Pierre from East New York, Maliq Johnson as Jayson Jackson from Spanish Harlem, Amalia Yoo as Leila Kwan Zimmer from Upper West Side, and Amir Bageria as Siddhartha Pakam from Jackson Heights.

Theatre Trained – Amalia Cut Her Teeth on the Stage

Most actors will tell you; theatre is the hardest form of acting. You need to know your lines, there is no director to yell cut, and you get to do the scene again, and there is no margin for error. So when you are comfortable on stage, it is not particularly hard to adjust filming on camera.

Amalia Yoo walked her first steps into acting with theatre plays. The actress made her debut on stage and then went on to play Joey in Slut: The Play and Eve in A Day in The Life. Those experiences probably (definitely) came in handy as she started her career in front of the camera.

Amalia Attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts – Same Place Timothee Chalamet Went to

When Timothee Chamalet was nominated for an Oscar, he got a surprise at the red carpet when a surprise message came for him on screen. His school and the man Timothee credits his career to were there to congratulate him. One of the students in the video was Amalia, who posted a video of the event on her Instagram page.

Though Amalia cut her teeth on stage, she was trained at the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. She attended the school in the drama side of things, later moving on with her career which is only going up from here on out.

Utilization of Spare Time – Amalia Plays the Guitar and She Advocates for Social Justice Issues

Amalia Yoo is socially active and shares her love for music with fans.Amalia Yoo is socially active and shares her love for music with fans.
Source: Instagram

Amalia Yoo, like her fellow castmates, is active on social media talking about social justice issues. She supported the Black Lives Matter movement and recently expressed how happy she was to get her right to vote after turning 18.

Her bio also has a link to voting service. But social issues are not the only thing Amalia is doing; she also plays the guitar. The Leila actress has few videos on her Instagram page showing off her skill on the guitar.

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