Cuties Netflix Boycott – Pedophilia Talk and the Controversy Explained!

Cuties Netflix boycott is taking over some sections of Twitter, Reddit, and Google as people woke up to a new movie from Netflix, which they perceive to be hyper-sexualization of tweens. There are even some pedophilia talk and other controversy surrounding the French film’s content, so we are here to help you cut through the crap.

Cuties Netflix Boycott – What is the Movie About and Why Are People Angry?

As with most shows and movies on Netflix, they generate a lot of hype and eyeballs just because of the sheer number of people who have a Netflix subscription. Movies and TV shows become a trending topic and even more so when Netflix is the only means of watching new content during this pandemic situation.

The French movie on Netflix is coming on 9 September 2020. Cuties cast is led by Fathia Youssouf as Amy, Medina El Aidi-Azouni as Angelica, Maimouna Gueye as Mariam, Esther Gohourou as Coumba, Ilanah Cami-Goursolas as Jess, Myriam Hamma as Yasmine, Demba Diaw as Ismael, Mamadou Samake as Samba, and Mbissine Therese Diop as the aunt.

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So, when Cuties Netflix trailer was released, there were small voices in the background who were talking about the content of the French movie. But separate voices in the fringes are growing louder and reached a fever pitch this morning when Twitter was alight with the parental rating the film got and Cuties Netflix boycott started.

Cuties Netflix boycott started after the release of the movie’s trailer by Netflix’s account, and later to further add fuel to the fire, the poster showed little “dresses” and little children in vulnerable positions. WAP music video featuring kids, that is how the poster looked, and people were quick to point out the many things wrong with the poster and the movie.

Also, the movie rating caused people concern as it was rated TV-MA. For people not familiar with the rating system, MA means mature audiences. So, 11-year-old girls dancing in extremely short clothes was a movie made for people above 17 years old. This is where the Cuties Netflix boycott turned into pedophilia talk started on Twitter and Reddit.

Cuties Netflix Pedophilia Controversy

The synopsis for Cuties reads, “Amy, 11, becomes fascinated with a twerking dance crew. Hoping to join them, she starts to explore her femininity, defying her family’s traditions.” Eleven years old girl joining a twerking dance crew is what getting on people’s nerves, coupled with the fact the movie is made for adults, which is leading people to label the movie pedophilia indoctrination.

Cuties Netflix pedophilia is making the rounds, and most of the concerned parties are angry that the sexualization of 11-year-olds for the pleasure of adults is not responsible. People on Twitter are accusing Netflix of providing content for pedophiles, and some are even canceling their subscriptions until the film is not removed from the streaming service.

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It is kind of telling that a movie made for adults have four leading girls who are 11 and wearing nothing but rags. For context, imagine Little Miss Sunshine, but with 90% fewer clothes, that is what Cuties marketing is doing. We are of the belief that people can be who they want to be, but those dance moves and those clothes really give a sinister undertone and promote the type of culture no should really want to associate with.

There are also anti-Muslim tropes in the movie, according to some users in Reddit and Twitter. Amy, the 11-year-old girl who is the lead of the film, is from a Muslim family, and there is a moment of taking off her hijab, which people are taking as an anti-Muslim sentiment.

“It sends a message that all Muslim Women and Girls who wear the Hijab are oppressed and need to twerk to become free,” one Reddit user wrote on the Islam subreddit. There are religious notes to the way this controversy has taken flight; the same Reddit user was complaining that Gay content should not be allowed. But there is a agreeable point in the way the girls are dressed in a movie not intended for kids.

Cuties Netflix pedophilia accusation may be a stretch, but there is definitely sexualization going on of little minority kids. This is not the type of content a globally reaching provider should be involved in. But what do you expect from a company whose main business is keeping the conversation about their product going no matter if it’s good or bad?

Cuties Netflix pedophilia is not an isolated incident for the company which recently came under fire for releasing, what amounted to, a soft-core adult film called 365 DNI. The film was harmful towards women, and still, Netflix did not curtail its release, so do not expect the platform to pull Cuties.

With all this Cuties Netflix boycott, controversy, Cuties Netflix pedophilia talk means more people are going to watch the film when released on 9 September. As the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Netflix’s model is built on getting new subscribers through online engagement. All this controversy is increasing engagement, and unless there is a mass exodus of Netflix subscriber, Cuties will be released.

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