Daniela Norman Boyfriend – Relationship Detail for June Actress in Tiny Pretty Things

Daniela Norman is currently set to appear in the Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things as June Park. She has been slowly transitioning from dancing to movies and TV shows in recent days, while also maintaining a healthy relationship with her boyfriend of over three years.

The June Park actress was born and raised in the UK where she developed her love for ballet. After training at The National Ballet, Daniela started appearing on stage, once playing Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. But then her focus shifted to movies and TV shows, making her debut with the Cats movie.

Now, Daniela Norman will be seen in the Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things. And along with her, every step of the way is her boyfriend. With the star-making turn in Tiny Pretty Things, there will be a lot of focus on all the cast members of the show. So, here is everything you need to know about the relationship status of Daniela Norman.

Daniela Norman is Currently Dating Her Boyfriend

daniela-norman-boyfriend-david-seadon-youngDaniel Norman is dating her boyfriend David Seadon-young. They are in a relationship for over 3 years.
Image Source: Daniela Norman Instagram

Daniela Norman and her Boyfriend David Seadon-young started dating in 2017. They first met one another while appearing in the musical An American in Paris. Both Daniela and her boyfriend David arrived to work on the play and it did not take long for the sparks to fly.

The lovebirds started dating soon after the rehearsal for the show started. The first picture of the couple appeared on David’s Instagram page in August of 2017. While Daniela first posted about the couple in February of 2018, writing about a vacation they took to a picturesque place.

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While the pictures on their Instagram pages were limited, the couple appeared to be enjoying each other company. From Christmas pictures to chilling on the beach, there are a few pictures of the couple together on David’s Instagram.

The most recent picture however was posted by Daniela on 7 July 2019 where she and her boyfriend David are seen cuddling with their dog. In the caption, the actress wrote they were her two loves. But the severe lack of pictures after the summer of 2019 has us a little confused though.

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David also does not have any new pictures on his Instagram and the same is the case for Daniela. We are not certain if the couple is still dating but they also have not deleted each other’s pictures from their Instagram pages. It appears as though the couple is taking a little break from posting about one another on their social pages.

Daniela Norman and her boyfriend David are definitely a cute couple who have been together for over three years now. Though we cannot be certain if they are still dating until proven otherwise we will stay with that assumption.

Daniela Norman Plays June Park in Tiny Pretty Things

Netflix is bringing a ballet dance who-dun-it thriller series on its platform before the end of the year. Tiny Pretty Things is a highly anticipated show from the streaming giant based on a book of the same name and featuring a dance professional cast.

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The show follows the hopefuls of a uber-competitive dance school who compete against one another to please their instructor and play the lead. A girl dies under a questionable circumstance which results in a new girl coming into the squad and the competition heating up even more.

Daniela Norman plays June Park in Tiny Pretty Things. She is a talented dancer who is under the tutelage of a strict mother looking for nothing short of perfection. No boyfriend, no relationships, only dance, June is under pressure to get the lead and all the expectation of her mother has an effect on her shy and sweet demeanor.

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Netflix is releasing Tiny Pretty Things on 14 December 2020. The cast includes Kylie Jefferson as Neveah Stroyer, Lauren Holly as Monique Dubois, Casimere Jollette as Bette Whitlaw, Daniela Norman as June Park, Brennan Clost as Shane, Michael Hsu Rosen as Nabil, Damon J. Gillespie as Caleb, and Bayardo De Murguia as Ramon.

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