Tiny Pretty Things Cast Age – How Old Are the Netflix Stars?

After much hype and talk on social media, the dance drama from Netflix is finally here. People want to know if the dancers in the show are real dancers or not and we have some even asking their age, as the cast looks young. So, if you want to know the Tiny Pretty Things cast age then you are at the right place.

Tiny Pretty Things is a new Netflix drama series based on the book of the same name. The show was picked up by Netflix in August of 2019 and the casting process was done soon after. While the show had finished filming before the Corona pandemic, Netflix waited to finish the post-production on the show.

The new Netflix drama follows the lives of ballet dancers who live in a cloud of a suspicious death while also trying to compete and earn the lead role. Due to the young looks of the actors in the show, there has been a lot of interest from fans to know the Tiny Pretty Things Cast age.

Tiny Pretty Things Cast Age – Kylie Jefferson is 26-Years-Old

kylie-jefferson-plays-neveah-netflix-tiny-pretty-thingsKylie Jefferson is 26-years-old and she plays Neveah in the Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things.
Image Source: Kylie Jefferson Instagram

Kylie Jefferson plays the lead character Neveah Stroyer in Tiny Pretty Things. She is a rejected dancer who gets a second chance at the prestigious Chicago dance school, Archer School of Ballet. But things will not come easy for Neveah as she competes with people from all corners of America to get the lead dancer’s position.

This series is the debut of Kylie Jefferson who has been dancing since she was 4-years-old and become the youngest entrant of DADA. Kylie was born on 25 September 1994 in California and she was raised in Los Angeles where she started her dancing career. She is 26-years-old.

Casimere Jollette Plays Bette Whitlaw – She is 24-Years-Old

Casimere Jollette plays Bette Whitlaw in Tiny Pretty Things. Bette is miss-perfect, she is extremely confident and does not give an inch to anyone around her. But despite appearing mean, she is not entitled and is only looking for validation after being outshined by her older sister all her life.

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One of the youngest, in terms of Tiny Pretty Things cast age, Casimere is 24-years-old. She was born on 26 March 1996 in Chicago, Illinois. Despite being on the younger side, Casimere is one of the most experienced performers in Tiny Pretty Things, having started her career at the age of three.

In Tiny Pretty Things, Casimere appears alongside her rumored boyfriend.

Daniela Norman is 24-Years-Old; She Plays June Park in Tiny Pretty Things

Daniela Norman was born on 18 February 1996 to her parents in England. A lover of dance from a young age, she trained in various places to become a ballet dancer, making it all the way to stage as she played Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. She also appeared in An American in Paris musical alongside her boyfriend, later moving on to films.

She is playing June Park in the Netflix series. June is a beautiful dancer with a shy demeanor who is pushed every day by her strict mother. Dancing is June’s solitude, her moment of freedom, and through sheer determination, she proves to her mother that she is meant for ballet.

Brennan Clost Turned 26 This October; He Plays Shane in Tiny Pretty Things

Canadian Brennan Clost is putting in a star-making performance as Shane in Tiny Pretty Things. Shane comes from a middle-class family. He grew up in a small town and was bullied for his love of dancing. But dancing has become his way out and also his family’s hope.

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The handsome young actor is 26-years-old, though he does not look a day over 16. Brennan Clost was born on 20 October 1994 in Burlington, Ontario. Like most dancers here, Brennan started young but he left dancing to go and study medicine at University, only to return and audition for The Juilliard School, following the advice of his dance teacher.

Michael Hsu Rosen is 28-Years-Old; He Plays Nabil in Tiny Pretty Things

tiny-pretty-things-cast-age-michael-hsu-rosen-oldest-leadIn terms of Tiny Pretty Things cast age, Michael Hsu Rosen is the oldest among the core five leads.
Image Source: Michael Hsu Rosen Instagram

Though the exact birthday of Michael Hsu Rosen is not clear, the actor has said multiple times he was cast at the age of 17 in the Broadway play West Side Story‘s 2009 revival. So, the actor is somewhere between 28 and 29-years-old. Michale Hsu Rosen is a half-Asian, half-white, but a wholesome gay man who was born and raised in New York.

He plays Nabil in the Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things. Nabil is the new ambiguous, determined dancer who performs in his own style and is almost head and shoulders above the rest. His steely-eyed ambition puts everyone on the edge.

While they all may look younger, Tiny Pretty Things cast age is somewhere in the mid-20s. The cast includes Kylie Jefferson as Neveah Stroyer, Lauren Holly as Monique Dubois, Casimere Jollette as Bette Whitlaw, Daniela Norman as June Park, Brennan Clost as Shane, Michael Hsu Rosen as Nabil, Damon J. Gillespie as Caleb, and Bayardo De Murguia as Ramon.