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With the rise in stream services, there was a rise of content on the small screen. This was a great thing for actors and actresses looking for their big break, but getting in through the door is one thing, and being talented enough to make your mark is a whole different playing field. When it comes to Herizen Guardiola, she is not only good enough; the actress is one of the brightest talents to emerge in the mid to late 2010s.

The Get Down on Netflix was the big break she needed to get her foot in the door, and now the actress is winning over hearts and minds with her portrayal of Addy Hanlon in the USA Network series Dare Me. With The Get Down, Herizen showed off her talents, from singing to dancing to acting, but, with Dare Me, she is diving into an emotional yet darker side, which is interesting to see on the show.


The actress/singer was born on 24 July 1996 in Miami, Florida, to her parents Juan Carlos and mother, Venice Pink. Herizen is of mixed heritage, with her father coming from a Cuban family and her mother being of Jamaican descent. She also has two siblings, both sisters, younger than her, named Jaia and Zunai.

Herizen Guardiola Grew Up Performing with Her Father

Herizen Guardiola started performing with her father since the age of five.Herizen Guardiola started performing with her father since the age of five.
Source: Herizen Guardiola Instagram

To be a performer is not an easy task, to stand in front of a camera or a crowd and hold the attention of the viewing audience is one of the hardest tasks there is. Some people are born to be performers, and others are bred, Herizen Guardiola falls on the later.

Herizen Guardiola made her debut under the spotlight at a pretty early age with the actress, taking the stage with her father at the tender age of five. Her father is a reggae musician, and he brought her on stage to perform with him, this resulted in the actress strengthening her mind against stage fright which helped her later in life.

The actress said in an interview; she loved being on the stage with her father, and the experience was the building block for Herizen’s acting career. She said, “I think I got rid of my stage fright at a really early age. Now, I mostly get excited-nervous, not scared-nervous. Filming The Get Down was definitely a challenge, but it was worth it. I learned a lot. I learned how hard acting can get.”

Herizen Guardiola Plays Addy Hanlon in the USA Network Series Dare Me

Dare Me was greenlit as a pilot in January of 2019 and was picked up by USA Network for a full season order soon after with the first episode premiering on 29 December 2019. The series is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Megan Abbott, with the writer herself getting involved in the production of the series.

Dare Me on USA deals with the competitive world of high school cheerleading and how the girls are willing to do anything, abandoning their relationships, friendships, and even their health to get ahead. The cutthroat world of cheerleading also leads to a murder in the series while the friends also try to navigate their relationships in a small town.

Herizen Guardiola plays the character of Addy Hanlon, a member of the cheerleading squad who is best friends with the captain of the team Beth Cassidy, played by Marlo Kelly. The friendship between the two is tested when a new coach, Collette French, played by Willa Fitzgerald, and her husband Matt French, played by Rob Heaps, arrives in town, and Addy sees her way out of the town through the new coach. But there is trouble in store for Addy, and her friend as the series progresses along.

Mylene Cruz Actress made Her Debut with the Netflix Series The Get Down

Before The Get Down, Herizen Guardiola was involved in the making of a movie called Runaway Island, but the actress effectively made her debut with the Netflix series The Get Down. The actress played the character of Mylene Cruz in the series, and Mylene goes from being the daughter of a strict pastor who hates Disco to becoming the Queen of Disco.

Mylene is the leading character of the series alongside Justice Smith, who plays Ezekiel, someone who is infatuated with Mylene and also his love for Disco. The series is a look back at the 70s Bronx and the music of the time while also paying homage to the greats of the time. Baz Luhrmann created the series, and it only survived the 11-episode first season.

Herizen Guardiola is a Vegan; Something She Takes After Her Mother

Herizen Guardiola and her mother share a close bond.Herizen Guardiola and her mother share a close bond.
Source: Herizen Guardiola Instagram

Venice Pink was born in a Baptist household, but as she grew older, the religion of Buddhism took hold in her heart. Venice Pink became a Buddhist and also a vegetarian, later on making a career as a yoga instructor and a nutritionist. The eating habits of her mother rubbed off on Herizen, who is a lifelong vegan.

Is Herizen Guardiola in a Relationship? Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Herizen Guardiola is focused on her career with no time for a romantic relationship.Herizen Guardiola is focused on her career with no time for a romantic relationship.
Source: Herizen Guardiola Instagram

Except for an occasional post about her parents and sisters, here and there, the actress pretty much keeps her private life private. A deep dive into her social media feeds resulted in us finding she is close to her family and friends, but when it comes to a boyfriend or a special someone, she appears to be single.

Family and her career take first priority, and she currently does not appear to be interested in getting into a romantic relationship with a special someone. The Addy Hanlon actress is a talented young lady, who’s got a bright future ahead of her, there will be plenty of opportunities to find the right person, but right now, career probably takes priority.

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