Dare Me

Marlo Kelly | Beth Cassidy, Dare Me, Relationship, Home and Away, Parents, Career, Country

Marlo Kelly

Marlo Kelly is not a well-known actress and considering her small filmography we are not surprised. The Aussie actress only started acting in front of

Rob Heaps | Matt French, Dare Me, Wife, Relationship, Career, Ezra Bloom, Imposters, Theatre

Rob Heaps

The way Rob Heaps holds himself up and carries himself in TV shows and movies, one thing you will probably never realize is the fact

Willa Fitzgerald | Colette French, Dare Me, Boyfriend, Career, Relationship, Family, Gabe Kennedy

Willa Fitzgerald

The question of “what do you want to be when you get old” is something almost everyone’s parents asked them at one point or the

Herizen Guardiola | Addy Hanlon, Dare Me, The Get Down, Family, Parents, Siblings, Relationship, Career, Singer

Herizen Guardiola

With the rise in stream services, there was a rise of content on the small screen. This was a great thing for actors and actresses

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