Tayler Holder — 7 Facts to Know about Hype House’s Veteran Personality

Tayler Holder [born August 19, 1997] is an American singer, aspiring actor, model and social media personality, prominently a TikToker, known for being part of the Hype House, the infamous recent TikTok collaborative.

He gained his fame initially through Musical.ly before moving on to TikTok and now has over 13 million followers on the video-syncing platform. He starred in the Brat web series Dirt, and Fallback is his prominent music release. Above all, his presence as a satirical, fun-loving comedic personality is what drives fans swarming into his posts and videos.

At 22, Holder is the second-oldest member of Hype House after Ondreaz Lopez (23), and it’s not just age he is mature in, he’s been around the glam world a little more than the other members. So you know he’s an integral part of the collaborative house, whatever the reputation they have right now.

#1 Background & Family

22-year-old Holder is from Alvarado, Texas, born and raised, before moving to California at 18 in pursuit of his fame-dream. His father Monte Holder and mother Wendy Holder often appear in his social media posts. In fact, he made a Mother’s Day dedication on the occasion, and it was admittedly really sweet.

Rare picture of Tayler Holder's brother Trever.Here’s a rare picture of his brother.
Photo Source: Tayler Holder Instagram Stories

He also has a brother named Trever Holder, who you rarely see as he seems to like making TikToks with the Lopez Brothers instead. And not to mention the weird photos he poses for with the boys, Bryce HallCody Ryan, Anthony Reeves and such, which scream “I hate being single”. And yeah, yeah, Reeves in Avani Gregg’s boyfriend.

#2 Tayler Holder Is a Motocross Competitor Since the Age of 3

It’s obvious to see he’s a multi-talented individual (depends on your definition). But before all this singing and social media notoriety, Holder was already an avid motocross racer. In fact, he started racing and even competing since he was three years old. It’s a hobby he still maintains as he loves dirt-bikes.

#3 As a Singer, ‘Fallback’ Is Not His Only Music Release

It was early 2018 when he broke into the acting scene with a web series from Brat TV titled Dirt. He doesn’t seem to have an impressive portfolio there; he’s only an aspiring actor for now. But his music was already kicking off before you remember his single, Fallback’s entry into his YouTube channel.

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It appears while Fallback was his first independent release, he’d released another single titled Who I Am via Good Times Entertainment back in April 2017. And it’s not the only music item he’s been involved in. He has featured in music videos of other aspiring singers like Casey Baer’s Christmas Time Valentine, Hunter Roberson’s I Did You Better & OWY and Kylee Renee’s Tangled.

#4 He’s a Traveler

So yeah, before TikTok came around, he was heading towards doing something big with his music career. And that also entails in him giving performances here and there. For him, it was the world. He’s traveled a lot and often professes he loves doing it.

Tayler Holder with Lisa and Lena Mantler.Oh, just some queens during his travels.
Photo Source: Tayler Holder Instagram Stories

And while traveling the world, he makes a point of associating with top influencers in the industry. Well, sort of. We’re not saying these are not A-lister people, as in the TikTok world they certainly take charge. He’s traveled with former reigning TikTok queens Lisa and Lena Mantler, who recently made a kind of a comeback. Now, he’s close to Charli D’Amelio as well. James Charles often visits the house too.

#5 New Year’s Kiss with His Dog, Who Has Its Own Instagram Account

By now, it may have been wildly clear that Holder loves dogs. Of course, after being rejected of a New Year kiss from everyone, his dog was the only one to let him have it. Remember the interview with Hollywire when one little puppy ignored a kiss from him?

Tayler Holder with his dog Kiah.He just loves dogs.
Photo Source: Tayler Holder Instagram

Kiah was the dog that featured in his New Year post, for whom an Instagram post has been set up. Named Hi Im Kiah, the page has almost 34,000 followers too. There was another dog, a Pomeranian named Eli, who was also said to have had an Instagram account as well. It’s been almost two years since we’ve seen Eli on Instagram, who also still has 58,000 followers.

#6 Tayler Holder’s Net Worth

As of 2020, Tayler Holder is estimated to control a net worth of $2 million. Aside from the acting and social media earnings, he also sells branded merchandise online to rack up quite the fortune. Social media endorsements do play a big role in those earning. Even with over 13 million followers on TikTok, 4.3 million on Instagram and 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube, is his net worth something to believe?

Tayler Holder on his Nissan car.He apparently owns a Nissan. Or the Hype House does.
Photo Source: Tayler Holder Instagram

Oh, but please do. He’s been around for more than most Hype House or Sway House members, so it’s not just the number to back it up. He knows more than most. For the real breakdown of how Holder earns the amount he’s worth, she Tayler Holder Net Worth. Skipping it won’t answer your curiosity.

#7 Managed by Abrams Artists Agency

When you’re once a money-making social media influencer, you need someone to help make financial & business decisions, and that’s where an agency comes in. Not to bore you with the details, Tayler Holder is represented by Abrams Artists Agency.

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With their service, they make his business decisions in his interest that he doesn’t have to think too much about, meaning the sponsorship deals for his posts and even branded & paid contents. Let’s just say, it helps him keep making content without spending too much time on the technicality of finance.

#Bonus: His Dating Life Has Been with a Lot of Speculations

At times, it seems Holder’s bromance with Bryce Hall is what keeps him going. But he also has the desire to have a girlfriend of his own. And so, he keeps pursuing romantic relationships. He really does. But he also admits he finds it extremely difficult to label a girl his GF as he believes he is the kind of guy who gets friend-zoned a lot. Yeah, the “extremely good friend to a girl” kind but no enough to be accepted as a boyfriend. We feel you bruh.

Tayler Watching his friends, Bryce Hall and Elle Danjean kiss on the sideOkay, this also screams, “I want a girlfriend too”. That’s Bryce Hall and Elle Danjean, by the way.
Photo Source: Tayler Holder Instagram

The singer has found love at times. He dated aspiring model, Kaylyn Slevin for a few months in early 2019. Then a year later, he was dating another model Sommer Ray before calling off the relationship. The pair said they were broken up, but while some believed they were on bad terms for a brief period, others didn’t believe the breakup, especially since hanging out for dinner and such.

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