Remi Jo Is in Her Single Era! – Remi Jo has confirmed being single through her TikTok video. After nearly two years, she is enjoying her moments with her girlfriends, not men.

Model Remi Jo is a well-known social media influencer, especially on Instagram and TikTok. She is renowned for her brand of ‘realistic hauls.’ She became well-known by placing online orders for clothes, trying them on, and then reviewing them. Her blogs showcase designs and trends from major fashion companies while also pointing out size differences across brands. In her brief career as a creator, she has created a line with Revolve and collaborated with Victoria’s Secret, Walmart, and L’Oreal.

As a social media sensation, she interacts with her fans through the internet, including her romantic life. If you were following her on TikTok and Instagram, you might know details about her relationship with her partner. However, there is news coverage regarding her breakup, so did she find a new man? Who is she with? Let us get into detail.

Remi Jo Has Just Come out of a Romantic Relationship

Remi Jo is officially single and has no boyfriend after her breakup with her lover Keyveat Postell.

Those actively following the TikToker on social media might be aware of her recent breakup, but those who didn’t check out her recent posts may be surprised to hear that she is no longer with her partner. Yes, she is single after 2 years of having relationships and now has no new lover.

Remi Jo has not entered got a new man in 2024. celebsindepth.comRemi Jo has not entered got a new man in 2024.
Image Source: Instagram

As usual, the obsession with an influencer’s romantic life increases with prominence, particularly on social media. So fans have already started wondering about her new man. While some influencers value privacy, plenty are unafraid to be transparent about their love relationships. Even when things don’t seem to be going well in her love life, she has always been honest about it. And she has not moved on after her recent breakup.

How can she move on to a new partner after her two-year relationship breakup? So the influencer is now single and hasn’t thought of dating a new guy after just less than a month of breakups. It might take her some time to get into a new relationship. Or maybe she is not thinking of having a new man after her recent breakup.

If she gets into a new relationship, she will definitely inform her fans and relationships about her new lover, as she has always been upfront and shared every detail, starting with her career. However, as per our guess, she will not get into a new relationship this soon as her breakup was heartbreaking to her.

As of now, the social media sensation is uplifting her moods with her girlfriends. She is enjoying her time with her friends. It looks like she has friends to lift her mood. Her Instagram post shows her fans really care about her and are cheering her up in the comment section. She has also shared a post about her birthday with the caption;

I promise there is nothing I can’t handle 29. To a new year and new beginnings

We hope she enjoys her life moving on from her recent breakup and gets her new partner, the one who loves her and adores her.

Remi Jo and Keyveat Postell Are No Longer Together

Remi Jo’s relationship with her last lover is well known by her fans because it was publicly revealed, but they are no longer together.

Remi Jo and her ex-partner, Keyveat Postell, were together for two years. celebsindepth.comRemi Jo and her ex-partner, Keyveat Postell, were together for two years.
Source: Instagram

On November 1, 2022, the influencer went public with her man, uploading a black-and-white photo of them kissing on Instagram. Remi did not caption the shot or tag her mysterious lover in the post, but she did elaborate on their relationship in a following TikTok video.

The couple dated for almost 2 years, and they showed their love and affection through every single post. She had shared several posts together. She implied that her partner texted her to end their relationship in a since-deleted TikTok video. She added over the video of herself crying;

When he says doing it over text is easier for him than doing it in person after almost two years together.

Soon, fans commented on her post, celebrities, and TikTok users left encouraging remarks in the comments section. She stated that viewing the stuff she posted with her lover deeply saddens her. And now she is single after a breakup with a 2-year-old partner.

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