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With the start of each year, there are new actors and actresses stepping into the competitive world of show business. Like almost all talent based jobs, only the top of the top survives while the rest are left stranded, never to make it under the spotlight or act in front of a camera. Show business is ruthless in a way, but we have a sneaky feeling Sayyid El Alami is going to make it if his role as Jibril Medina in Messiah Netflix show is anything to go by.

Sayyid is still an up and coming actor, with his baby face and slender body (there are a lot of shirtless pics of the actor on his Instagram) the actor will take no time into becoming a teenage heartthrob. Though the origins, birthplace, and ethnicity of the actor are not confirmed, upon further digging, the actor seems to be currently living in France and carries middle eastern ancestry.

Sayyid’s Time Art bio revealed the actor is capable of speaking English, French, and Arabic. The actor is seen utilizing his Arabic in the Netflix series Messiah, currently streaming worldwide. Here are some things you need to know about Sayyid El Alami.

Sayyid El Alami Only Started Acting in 2018

Sayyid El Alami started his career in 2018.Sayyid El Alami started his career in 2018.
Source: Instagram

By the look of the actor, he seems relatively young, probably in his early 20s and he only started acting recently, about two years ago. The first recorded performance of the actor was in the short film Ghost Mode. Other projects under his name are French productions, and except for short movies, there are only two motion pictures to his name.

The actor recently starred in Zombie Child, playing the character of Pablo, and though the movie is yet to see a wide release, which is on 27 January 2020, the film is already getting great reviews. According to IMDb, the movie summary reads, “Haiti, 1962. A man is brought back from the dead to work in the hell of sugar cane plantations. Fifty-five years later, a Haitian teenager tells her friends her family secret – not suspecting that it will push one of them to commit the irreparable.”

But the buzz surrounding Sayyid is because of his role as Jabril Medina in the recently released on New Year series Messiah.

Jibril Medina Actor Sayyid El Alami is One of the Standout Performers of Messiah Netflix Series

Messiah deals with the mysterious rise of a figure in Syria, he is seen as a Messiah figure and after some miracles or geopolitical know-how, the public dubbed Al-Masih is seen as the rebirth of god by his followers while the world thinks he is a charlatan and maybe even a terrorist leader in the making.

According to the press release, Jibril Medina is “an orphaned Syrian refugee who leaves war-torn Damascus to become a devotee of al-Masih in the hope the stranger leads him to his destiny.” From the first episode, you can see Jibril is looking for a way to find out his mother is at peace, and his hopes are Al-Masih will provide the unknown answers to where his mother is and if he will ever see her again. In the desert he is accompanied by his friend Samir, who also lost his family, Samir is played the talented actor Fares Landoulsi.

Sayyid El Alami plays the character of Jibril in Messiah Netflix show.Sayyid El Alami plays the character of Jibril in Messiah Netflix show.
Source: Sayyid El Alami Instagram

Mehdi Dehbi plays the leading character of Al-Masih, with Tomer Sisley portraying an Israeli intelligence agent Aviram who is after the religious or con artist. Stefania LaVie Owen also appears in the show as Rebecca Iguero, someone living in Texas with her pastor father and still affected by the appearance of the god-like figure in Syria.

Sayyid El Alami starrer Messiah Netflix show is currently streaming, and though the initial reaction of the series is negative among the critics, fans are embracing the show and the mystery at the center of the whole thing.

Is Sayyid El Alami in a Relationship? Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Sayyid El Alami is currently living a happy solo life and he doesn not have a girlfriend.Sayyid El Alami is currently living a happy solo life and he does not have a girlfriend.
Source: Instagram

Sayyid El Alami is finding success at an early age, and if he keeps working hard on his craft, the sky is the limit for the Jibril actor. But a journey as long as he seems to be embarking on is not something you do alone, a life partner someone to share experiences, joys and sorrows with is needed and we are social beings, human connection is a must for almost all of us.

Sayyid is a handsome young man, someone who is destined to be a heartthrob for ladies all over the world, but as of this moment, there does not appear to any sign of a special someone in his life. So, people, better shoot your shot, the handsome actor is not going to be in the market for so long, to get you on your way, here is Sayyid El Alami’s Instagram account, good luck!

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