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Stefania LaVie Owen was only 11 years old when she was hired to be in her first feature film, and since then the 22-year-old actress has been in teen TV shows, horror Christmas movie, a project with Hugh Laurie, movie with Matthew McConaughey and Snoop Dogg, and now she is starring in the controversial show Messiah Netflix series.

The actress was born on 15 December 1997 in Miami, Florida. Her father is a New Zealand native, and her mother is an American with Cuban descent. For a few years, the actress lived in America with her parents, but then she moved to New Zealand, where she lived in Pauatahanui, a small village about 30km from Wellington, with her family.

Stefania LaVie Owen is an actress who started his career at the age of 11.Stefania LaVie Owen is an actress who started his career at the age of 11.
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Stefania started her education in New Zealand, where she attended the Pauatahanui school and later moved to Chilton Saint James School. The all-girl private school was where the actress developed her love for acting, and while studying in the school was where she was discovered to be in the movie The Lovely Bones, directed by Peter Jackson.

Stefania made Her Debut with The Lovely Bones – Start of Her Career

Stefania made her debut in the movie The Lovely Bones, where the actress played the character of Flora Hernandez in the film. It was not a particularly large scope character, but the actress made the best of the exposure she got from being in a Peter Jackson film. “It was a small part, but because it was an American film, it opened up this whole world to me,” the actress said. “Everything just started spiraling from there.”

The role made her recognizable and opened a lot of doors for the actress. The casting in the movie resulted in the actress getting cast in the series Running Wilde, where she appeared in 13 episodes. Then came her fan-favorite role in Hollywood when the actress was cast in the show The Carrie Diaries.

Watch: The trailer for Chance; Stefania LaVie Owen Appeared in the show alongside Hugh Laurie

Stefania appeared in 26 episodes of the series, and to this day, fans want the show to return with Stefania playing the character of Dorrit Bradshaw. The actress was involved in the making of the surprise hit movie Krampus and then she was cast alongside Hugh Laurie in the series Chance. The Hulu series was not a huge hit, but it was well-received, and her pivotal character of Nicole Chance caused more eyeballs to fall on her.

The actress appeared in I’m Dying Up Here and The Beach Bum, where she played the character of Heather. But the actress is appearing in Messiah, and the role could be her biggest to date, depending on how well the controversial series is received.

Stefania Plays the Character of Rebecca Iguero in Messiah Netflix Series

Rebecca Iguero, according to the press release about the series, is “a troubled teen living in a backwater Texas town who wants nothing more than to leave her life behind. Fate seems to conspire to bring her to wish true when a series of events rocks her life.”

It seems the appearance of Al-Masih, played by Mehdi Dehbi, will cause some sort of crisis in the life of young Rebecca and also the life of Jibril and Samir, his devout followers, played by Sayyid El Alami and Fares Landoulsi, respectively. We know how troubling life of a teenager can be, and the appearance of a god-like figure is sure to cause some upheaval in a normal person’s life. Tomer Sisley also appears in the series, playing the character of Aviram, a government agent, looking for a way to debunk Al-Masih.

Messiah Netflix show is already receiving a lot of criticism about the portrayal of god-like figures and also the terrorist plot of the series. No matter the controversy of the series, Messiah Netflix show will be released on 1 January 2019.

Stefania LaVie Owen Siblings – She’s got a Younger Sister Carly Owen and Older Sister Lolo Owen

Stefana LaVie Owen learned from Lolo Owen to not allow acting define who she is.Stefania LaVie Owen learned from Lolo Owen to not allow acting to define who she is.
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Stefania LaVie Owen is not the only child of her parents; she is the middle child in a family of five where she’s got younger sister Carly Owen and Older sister Lolo Owen. Lolo was instrumental in helping Stefania during the start of her career.

When she was only 11 years old, Lolo told Stefania never to let her career in acting define her and keep it as your passion but not something which defines you. Stefania said about her sister’s advice, “She said, ‘Don’t let acting define you. Always have it as something you’re passionate about, something you’re good at, something you’re excited about, but never let it define you. You are your own person. Remember, everyone loves you for who you are with or without the acting.’”

All the sisters share a loving bond, and all the Owen children tried their hand in acting with Stefania being the only one who was able to sustain a successful career.

Stefania LaVie Owen Relationship Status – Does the Rebecca Actress Have a Boyfriend?

Stefania LaVie Owen is currently single and in no hurry to be with someone romantically.Stefania LaVie Owen is currently single and in no hurry to be with someone romantically.
Source: Stefania LaVie Instagram

Rebecca actress from Messiah Netflix series is currently single. The actress just turned 22 years old on 22 December and she’s got a whole life ahead of her to fall in love and find her special someone. But as for now, she is busy building friendships, working in movies and TV shows, and focusing on her career.

Stefania LaVie Owen’s boyfriend is not in the picture as of now, and as the actress starts to get busy with her recently joining college, we do not see a special someone coming into her life anytime soon.

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