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Netflix, nowadays, feels like an incubation place for young and talented actors, the amount of young actors whose careers were catapulted by being in the cast of a single Netflix production is extremely high, and it seems Fares Landoulsi will be one of the many actors who made it big after appearing in a Netflix show.

Fares Landoulsi is playing the character of Samir in the Netflix series Messiah where he appears in all ten episodes of the controversial series. The actor is not a newbie when it comes to acting, though; he did appear in a few Tunisian and French productions. Fares is also a graduate of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Tunis and was later selected to join the Florent Classes in Paris, where he stayed from 2015 to 2017.


The Samir actor from Messiah Netflix series was born in the 90s in Tunis, Tunisia, and he also shares a little Spanish origin from his family members. The actor seems to be in his early to mid-20s with Fares dividing time between France and the USA, where he is furthering his acting career.

Fares Landoulsi’s Mother was the Reason He Got into Acting

Fares Landoulsi started his acting career at the age of seven after a little push from his mother.Fares Landoulsi started his acting career at the age of seven after a little push from his mother.
Source: Fares Landoulsi Instagram

From an early age, the actor Fares Landoulsi showed an aptitude for acting, and his mother signed him up for drama classes. Since the age of seven, Fares Landoulsi divided his time between drama class and school. The actor said his mother saw he was different than his brother and sister, and the drama class was the first step in the direction of international fame for Fares.

Imagine the life of a seven-year-old going from one class to another and being busy from the time they wake up to the time they sleep. Well, Fares said it was hard, but he did not mind the work as it was his “dream” to become an actor.

Samir Actor Fares Landoulsi was Perfect in Messiah

Fares Landoulsi was hired to be one of the characters in the show Messiah on Netflix, and the actor was revealed to be playing Samir, one of the Syrian refugees, who embarks on a journey from Damascus, the Syrian capital, to the Israeli border, following Al Masih, played by Mehdi Dehbi.

The show follows the appearance of Al Masih, who hints at being the Messiah, and then after doing some miracles here and there, the whole world is either relieved or scared by the appearance and the geopolitical order of the world is thrown out of balance.

Fares Landoulsi plays the character of Samir in the show Messiah on Netflix.Fares Landoulsi plays the character of Samir in the show Messiah on Netflix.
Source: Fares Landoulsi Instagram

Fares plays Samir, someone, who is skeptical about Al Masih, but with no one in his life left, his family was killed, following him meant following his destiny, wherever it may lead. Fares Landoulsi seems to have formed a good bond with actors in the series, Sayyed El Alami and Stefania LaVie Owen who play Jibril and Rebecca, seem to be getting along outside the series as well.

Messiah is currently streaming on Netflix with Tomer Sisley playing the character of Aviram and Michelle Monaghan playing Eva Geller.

Total Six Acting Credit to His Name

Fares Landoulsi only has six acting credit to his name.Fares Landoulsi only has six acting credit to his name.
Source: Instagram

Though the actor appears on screen like a seasoned pro, when it comes to starring in movies and TV shows, the filmography of the actor lacks a little. Fares Landoulsi's first acting credit was in the film What the Day Owes the Night. He then went on to appear in a TV show called School, where he appeared in four total episodes.

Fares’ second movie role came in the form of Narcissus, and two short movies later, he was hired to play Samir in the Netflix series Messiah. Though the filmography for the actor is lacking, the exposure he is getting from the Netflix series will help him immensely moving forward. So, make sure you are tuned into the career of Fares Landoulsi because if all goes well, he will be massive in the world of entertainment.

Fares Landoulsi Relationship Status – Does the Samir Actor Have a Girlfriend?

Fares Landoulsi is close to his friend Sayeh Mariem, though they do not appear to be dating.Fares Landoulsi is close to his friend Sayeh Mariem, though they do not appear to be dating.
Source: Fares Landoulsi Instagram

One thing about the Samir actor in Netflix series Messiah, he is extremely good looking, and there is an amazing physique to go along with the beautiful face. The bad boy look he sometimes likes to show off is probably a lady killer, and we would not fault any woman falling in love with the actor.

Fare Landoulsi currently does not appear to be in a relationship, though a beautiful lady by the name of Sayeh Mariem frequents his Instagram page. When Fares is writing the caption, he mentions they are BFFs, and they are close to one another. But neither party has confirmed they are involved in a romantic relationship; in the end, it does look like they are close friends.

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