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Tomer Sisley is a French comedian who was born in West Berlin, West Germany, on 14 August 1974. The comedian/actor started his career when he was only 22 years old, and since then he has not looked back ever since. The actor is now starring in a controversial new show on Netflix called Messiah, playing the character of Aviram Dahan.

As mentioned above, Tomer Sisley was born in West Berlin to Israeli-born parents, and the actor shared Jewish heritage. He was five when his parents separated, and after living in Germany for about four more years, the actor moved to France, where he lived with his father through his teen years.

Tomer Sisley is an actor who started his career as a comedian.Tomer Sisley is an actor who started his career as a comedian.
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By the time the actor was 12 years old, he spoke four languages, German, Hebrew, French, and English, and all these traits came in handy for the actor as he ventured into the world of show business soon after he was done with his education. The actor started in 1996, and now he is starring in a Netflix show, the actor came a long way.

Start of Tomer Sisley’s Career – Starring in the Largo Winch Series

Tomer Sisley started out as a comedian, and he even found some international success when the actor won the Just for Laughs comedy festival. The first French comedian to ever win the contest, and this resulted in the actor getting a lot of roles in various movies.

At the point in his career, the actor was hired to play the character of Largo Winch in the French movie Largo Winch based on the comic of the same name. The film was not a massive success, but Tomer Sisley’s action chops were seen all over the world. He transitioned from being a comedian to an action movie star, and the moderate success of the first movie resulted in the release of The Burma Conspiracy, a sequel to the first one.

Watch: The trailer for the sequel of Largo Winch, The Burma Conspiracy, starring Tomer Sisley

The actor also starred in Sleepless Night, the movie was brought by Robert De Niro’s distribution company, and the actor transitioned to Hollywood movie with an appearance in the hit comedy film We’re the Millers. Now, the actor is starring in the Netflix show, Messiah.

Tomer Sisley Plays the Character of Aviram Dahan in Messiah Netflix Show

Aviram actor, Messiah Netflix series cast member, Tomer Sisley, was announced as the regular cast member of the show in January of 2018. The show started filming soon after with Mehdi Dehbi playing the character of Al-Masih and Stefania LaVie Owen playing Rebecca Iguero, daughter of a pastor who gets embroiled in the Al-Masih’s appearance. Up and coming actor Sayyid El Alami also appears as the devout follower of Al-Masih, Jibril and Fares Landoulsi plays the character of Samir, the friend of Jibril.

The series looks into the reaction of the world after the appearance of a Messiah who presents himself as the return of God. What would be the reaction of the world be to someone who seemingly grants miracles and is gathering followers all over the world? This is where Tomer Sisley’s character Aviram comes in.

Tomer Sisley plays the character of Aviram in Messiah Netflix series.Tomer Sisley plays the character of Aviram in Messiah Netflix series.
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Aviram is a Shin Bet operative who is working on a directive from his government to get to the bottom of the Messiah mess. Another intelligence counterpart from CIA, Michelle Monaghan’s character Eva Geller is also looking for the truth, and along the way, there is sexual tension between Aviram and Eva.

Tomer Sisley is Married to His Wife, and He’s got, Three Kids

Tomer Sisley is married to his wife Sandra Sisley for over three years now.Tomer Sisley is married to his wife Sandra Sisley for over three years now.
Source: Tomer Sisley Instagram

Cannes Film Festival was the scene where Tomer Sisley found the love of his life, someone who brought happiness to his life after being “unhappy for 17 years.” The actor was at the Cannes Film Festival when he laid eyes on the beautiful and amazing Sandra Zeitoun Matteis, for the first time after 17 years.

It was like not a single moment had passed between the two, and the duo clicked right there. Love took hold, and by 24 November 2016, the couple was engaged. They moved quickly when it comes to getting engaged but took their sweet time when it comes to getting married. Tomer and his wife Sandra Sisley exchanged vows just over a year later on 27 November 2017 and became husband and wife.

Tomer Sisley is the father of three kids from his previous relationship.Tomer Sisley is the father of three kids from his previous relationship.
Source: Tomer Sisley Instagram

The married couple is still together and going stronger than ever; they are also currently living with their three kids. All the kids are from Tomer’s previous relationship with his former partner Julie Madar. Tomer’s got two sons and one daughter, and all of them, along with his wife, frequent his Instagram page.

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