Spinning Out Netflix Season 2 – What Can We Expect from the Next Season?

The first season of Spinning Out showcased the brutal reality of people experiencing bipolar disorders and its impact on their personal life and family relationships caused by the prolonged episodes of mania and depression.

The series tried its best to provide a balanced and realistic outlook on the real world complexities surrounding love, career, family, and relationships through their characters, in particular, the lead star Kat Baker, played by Kaya Scodelario.

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We’ve reviewed the first season a bit further down, but first, let’s discuss whether or not the Netflix series Spinning Out season 2 is on the cards anytime soon. Following a fascinating season finale, there remains little doubt fans are indeed curious to learn more.

Will there be a Season 2 of Spinning Out on Netflix?


There’s yet to be an official confirmation of Spinning Out season 2. However, fans need not worry just yet. Netflix usually waits a few weeks following the release before renewing a new series for the next season.

Since the show is receiving good appreciation from fans and critics alike, it looks inevitable that Spinning Out season 2 shall receive an official confirmation by the end of February 2020.


Prior to the first season, Netflix ordered the series for season 1 in October 2018. The filming followed for five months from January till May 2019. When the Netflix series does get renewed for the new season, expect Spinning Out season 2 to release somewhere in the first half of 2021.

Meanwhile, the filming could begin right away since Spinning Out is themed around winter with sports like skiing carrying the primary focus. There’s a good possibility they will start shooting immediately after the renewal announcement.

Season 1 of the Netflix Ice Skating Series

Kaya Scodelario and Evan Roderick as Kat Baker and Justin Davis in the Netflix ice skating series Spinning Out.

Kaya Scodelario and Evan Roderick as Kat Baker and Justin Davis, respectively, in the Netflix ice skating series ‘Spinning Out’ (2020).
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Spinning Out explores Kat Baker’s journey from almost quitting competitive skating following a disastrous fall to coming out victorious at the sectionals. In addition, the story touches on the struggling lifestyle of people with mental disorders. Both Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelario) and her mother Carol Baker (January Jones) showcase how difficult their life is with bipolar disorders.

Besides mental illness, the Netflix ice skating series deals with issues concerning racism and predatory sexual instincts. In addition, the story is themed around Kat’s post-traumatic stress disorder she developed following her tragic fall on the ice.


When Kat finds her way back to the sports as a pair skater with her bad-boy partner Justin Davis (Evan Roderick), their coach Dasha Fedorova (Svetlana Efremova), believes they won’t be quite ready for the Olympics. It initially proved to be the case as they end up 7th during their short programs at regionals.

The desperate Kat subsequently stops taking her lithium to preserve energy and gain more confidence, which works for a while as the pair adds tough jumps to their performance, helping them raise their scores. However, it comes at a cost as Kat soon begins to behave like a maniac without her medication for bipolar disorder.


The final episode of the series couldn’t get more intense. Kat discovers her younger sister, 16-year-old Serena Baker (Willow Shields), is getting sexually abused by Dr. Parker (Charlie Hewson). However, Parker was not Kat’s initial suspect.

Throughout the season, Kat is suspicious of Serena’s coach Mitch Saunders (Will Kemp), of misbehaving with her sibling. She believes Mitch might be taking advantage of her baby sister. However, it later turns out Mitch is, in fact, interested in Serena’s mother, Carol Baker.


We later discover, Dr. Parker is not just preying on Serena, he is romantically involved with Kat’s best friend Jenn Yu (Amanda Zhou), who is getting examined by the doc ever since the on-rink accident that put her on the shelf.

The revelation directly impacts all three ladies in the Baker family. Kat confronts Dr. Parker and accuses him of behaving inappropriately with Serena. He denies the alleged affair while Jenn sides with him, subsequently leading Kat to lose her best friend.


After Serena discovers Parker’s affair with Yenn, he dumps her and subtly threatens her to keep quiet about their connection for the sake of her career. Serena subsequently experiences a breakdown and stumbles during her performance, ruining her chances of succeeding in the rink.

The sisters-duo is not the only one affected by the revelation. Their mother, Carol, is impacted the most as she looks certain to end up in prison. After knowing what the doc did to her daughter, Carol ends up confronting him and strikes him with a baseball bat. She casually calls 911 and reports the assault while giving a friendly wave to a witness passing by.


The final scene of Spinning Out season 1 shows Justin Davis (Evan Roderick) waiting for Kat, who arrives just in time to perform their pairs skating at the sectionals. We never get to see how it goes as credits roll soon after.

What can we expect in Spinning Out season 2?

Fans await the confirmation on Spinning Out Netflix season 2.

Fans await the confirmation on Spinning Out Netflix season 2.
Source: Newsweek

The way the first season ended, we can certainly count on Kat and Justin to secure their place at the nationals alongside their rivals, Leah Starnes (Kaitlyn Leeb) and Gabriel “Gabe” Richardson (Johnny Weir). Season 2 will likely see both the pairs climb up the ladders in their sport as they look to seal their spot in the United States Olympics team. The question remains whether Kat will be able to cope with the pressures & expectations or spirals into a maniac episode yet again.

The other intriguing stuff is the fallout following the incident where Carol assaults Dr. Paker with a baseball bat and subsequently reports the crime herself. She looks dead certain to serve jail time. In the meantime, how will Serena bounce back following her crushing fall at the Sectionals? Both these aspects will no doubt be heavily addressed in season 2.


If Carol escapes prison on account of her bipolar disorder, she could easily find herself in psychiatric care. As a result, Kat could be compelled to face further burden in season 2 since Serena is likely to be without her mother and father for a while.

How will Kat juggle between her unstable family life and Olympic dreams? Or will she finally accept failure and give up skating for good? This will undoubtedly be a fascinating watch.


All the main cast from the first season are expected to return in Spinning Out season 2 except Mitch Edwards (Will Kemp). The actor may not return for season 2 after his character decided to quit coaching Serena following false accusations from Kat that puts him over the edge. However, we gotta await official confirmation since the showrunners could easily write his character to somehow stay in Sun Valley.

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