Robin Boissevain | Roderick van Hall, Ares Netflix, Net Worth, Father, Parents, Dating, Relationship, Girlfriend, Career

Robin Boissevain

Robin Boissevain was born on 29th December 1996 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is best known for playing the role of David in a Dutch teen

Tobias Kersloot | Jacob Wessels, Ares Netflix, Abbey Hoes, Net Worth, Dating, Relationship, Girlfriend, Actor, Nieuwe Buren, Vrijland, Kappen, Career

Tobias Kersloot

Tobias Kersloot was born on 7th October 1996, in the Netherlands. He is best known for his works in Tessa (2015), Klem (2017), and Brussel

Jade Olieberg | Rosa Steenwijk, Ares Netflix, Parents, Net Worth, Dating, Boyfriend, Relationship, Chris Peters, Family, Father, Mother, Career

Jade Olieberg

Jade Olieberg was born on 1st October 1993 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Her parents are Gerold Olieberg (father) and Renate Casperdina (mother). Jade graduated from the

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