5 Shows Similar to Outer Banks - Get Your Mystery and Thriller Fix On!

May 1, 2020 @ 23:07 GMT-0500
5 Shows Similar to Outer Banks - Get Your Mystery and Thriller Fix On!

The Outer Banks was released on 15 April 2020, over two weeks have passed since the unexpectedly fun series won over the masses and critics alike. You probably have already seen the series in its entirety, guessed what would happen in the future, discussed about the cliffhanger ending over texts with your friends (social distancing people). But, you are also probably looking for other shows similar to Outer Banks to help you during this quarantine period, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Outer Banks is about a high school kid, John B, played by Chase Stokes, who is looking to have fun during the summer with his friends, less than a year after his dad went missing. But having fun turns into a search for decades-old treasure, when John and his group of Pogues come across, clues which may lead to the location of his father, and also the resting place of over $400 million in British gold.

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The inspiration behind Outer Banks was the classic movie The Goonies; you can just watch the film if you want to see the younger version of Outer Banks. There was a clear mix between mystery, thriller, and friendship rolled in for good measure, which was the winning recipe for the show, similar to The Goonies. The reaction from the viewers was also good, Netflix will probably greenlight Outer Banks season 2, so you do not need to worry about the cliffhanger finale and what happens to all the characters at the end of Outer Banks season 1.

But before we get started, here is a friendly reminder that we will be delving into Outer Banks SPOILERS. If you are yet to see the first season of the treasure hunting show from Netflix, then this is the place where you get off, if you do not care for Outer Banks SPOILERS then carry on. So, here are five TV shows similar to Outer Banks; (these are in no particular order)

Money Heist

Yeah, yeah, this was an easy pick, and you are probably thinking this is not about summer, beach, and beautiful people falling in love with one another while looking for treasure. Well, the last part is similar to Money Heist, but we are saying this is a great thriller and heist TV show. Something we are hoping Outer Banks season 2 will morph into in its sophomore outing.

The ending of Outer Banks showed John B and Sarah Cameron, played by Madelyn Cline, heading off to the Bahamas, where Sarah’s dad sent the gold to be hidden. We want the Pogues to go through the Money Heist level of preparation and make a heist for the gold, which they first found and is rightfully theirs to keep. When looking for shows similar to Outer Banks, you will not find an exact match, but the global phenomenon is something you should be watching anyway.

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There is romance in Money Heist; there is heartbreak, there is action, betrayal and most of all there is a lot of friendship, a friendship forged in the face of fire and something that will last a lifetime. So, if you think hard enough, there are some things similar between the two shows, and you will definitely enjoy Money Heist if Outer Banks took your breath away.


This Spanish series is more in line with the aesthetic, looks, and feel of what Outer Banks showed in its first season. Beautiful people dealing with their own corner of the world and their own set of problems is the idea behind the new Netflix series and Elite. The class difference and how the upper class looks at those less fortunate than them is also the theme of Outer Banks, and Elite has going for them.

Yes, some would say Riverdale and Elite have more in common, but when it comes to shows similar to Outer Banks, we cannot leave out the international sensation Elite. The mystery thriller from Spain is about an elite school where three poor kids get their chance to study and, ultimately, the mystery behind the death of one of the rich kids and who is to blame for her murder.

For people looking for a mystery series with good looking people engaging in parties, alcohol, going to school, sex, and other teenage clichés, then Elite will not disappoint one bit. If you want to fill some time with a great mystery series, then Elite is the show for you to wane you off Outer Banks high.

The Order

The Order is about a young man who recently finished high school and joined Belgrave University. At the university, he joins an order called The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, which is a college secret society. Well, not a secret society like the Dead Poets Society, instead they are dealing with magic and also involved in an age-old war with other creatures and practitioners of dark arts.

This show was released in 2019 on Netflix and was renewed for a second season, Outer Banks and The Order are similar in the way that The Order also deals with family and secrets that damage the trust and relation in a family (similar to Sarah and her father). There is also a deep mystery you will enjoy in The Order, and you will not need to worry about watching a one and done series, season 2 is coming soon.

I Am Not Okay With This


One of our favorite shows of the year of I Am Not Okay with This. Almost a Carrie-Esque feel with flavors ranging from Stranger Things to End of the F***ing World; I Am Not Okay with This is a fun and quick watch. There are only seven episodes in the series of fewer than 28 minutes of length, and we cannot say enough about the amazing cast of the show.

To convince you I Am Not Okay with This is one of the shows similar to Outer Banks here is something to think about. A daughter looking for the mystery behind the death of her father and things she cannot explain in her life, things which are leading her to a higher purpose, and also a blowing (literally) ending, which will leave a lot to unpack in season 2, convinced?


This one is not available on Netflix, it is currently airing on FX, and you can stream it online on Hulu. Again, this is not exactly what Outer Banks is all about, there is a mystery surrounding the death of a person, and that is almost where the similarities end. But Devs also emphasizes friendship, digging into the mystery and going against forces which are stronger and more prepared than you.

The eerie sound, the haunting visuals, the suffocating atmosphere, something akin to the scene in Outer Banks where the Pogues break into the old lady's house, and she chases after Sarah and Kiara, played by Madison Bailey; the similar atmosphere is created in Devs. Mystery and thriller aplenty, Devs is one of the finest shows on TV right now.

The FX show is about a science fiction series where a company called Amaya employs Lily Chan and her boyfriend. One day Lily’s boyfriend in promoted to work with the Devs, and no one hears from him after the promotion. The mystery behind the disappearance and Lily’s pursuit to find the truth is the main plot of the series, sounds similar to John B’s story, doesn’t it?

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few TV series you should if you are looking for shows similar to Outer Banks. Riverdale for obvious reasons, mystery, drama and a lot of soapy fun watch The Outsider if you want a more mature content and love Stephen King’s work, and Dark if you want all of the above-mentioned things mixed with time travel fun. Also, we wholeheartedly recommend Home Before Dark, it is our second favorite TV show this year, and you should definitely check this one out.

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